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Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Since upgrading to the iPhone 6S, I've been hunting for a few perfect covers. I'm very specific in my style and taste so I find it hard to commit to just one cover and then I change it every few days. While I've been loving my current 3D coffin case I felt that I needed a change and some extra protection for my big trip starting this weekend.

That's when I discovered iPersonalised! A great Australian based company that will create sleek, protective and stunning covers for both your smart phone and tablet. Why stick to boring prints and covers that really don't mean anything to you when you can completely personalize your phone and stand out in the crowd.

Now with the iPersonalised service you can either create your own print/image or use one of the many brilliant designs in stock. You can choose to create covers for both Samsung or Apple phones and with the click of a few buttons you will have the perfect case ready and waiting for you.

I originally wanted my blog logo as my cover but the shape just looked odd so I opted for one of the best prints known to man kinds - the Overlook Hotel carpet! I'm a huge fan of The Shining and horror movies so I had to have something a little spooky and kooky for my cover. 

The print is perfect! Bright, bold and the super shiny cover really makes the tones pop. I opted for the Defender case as I'm always dropping my phone and that extra layer of protection really helps. The defender has a rubber insert between the polycarbonate case and your phone providing even greater protection. So I strongly suggest you upgrade to this style and keep your phone super safe.

I could not miss a chance to snap a selfie with the new cover just as I was about to shoot over the weekend. I love how retro this print! As a long time 'el cheapo' phone cover buyer I've never really spent too much on a case but with the amazing craftsmanship and the extra protection the price is worth it.

So now you can expect to see this case in most of my mirror selfies as I'm smitten with it and be sure to tag me or email me a photo if you create your own case via the website! You can also find iPersonalised via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Be sure to follow their social media accounts and find some inspiration for your next cover.


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