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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Birdie and a Hot Rod Honey

Today we have the return of two of my absolute favourite dresses from Pinup Girl Clothing. One very classic retro shape and one more modern style - both with divine prints exclusive to PUG. I will admit that I've mostly been hiding behind all black this winter but it's time to break through this and play with bold colours and prints! No more hiding my shape but instead choosing to embrace the curves with flattering prints. 

If you are a fan of Pinup Girl Clothing like myself you will know the Birdie very well and already have one or two colour ways in your collection. I myself have the mustard version and have been wearing to death over the last few years. From the moment I saw the release of this stunning mint version I was in love as the pale mint green pairs perfectly with my hair and skin tone. 

The Birdie Dress is a classic house dress style with a faux strap bust, gorgeous collar, 3/4 sleeves and a matching belt. The bodice is perfectly fitted and looks amazing on all body shapes! I first shot this style a few years ago and my measurements have chanced since but the XL is still perfect! It's a little firmer in the bust (my chest has expanded greatly this year) and waist but it still fits like a dream. Firm in all the right places and then free below the waist for that full swing style skirt. My stats are a little over what's listed but because of the neckline and minimal stretch this still fits! 

With or without a petticoat the skirt on this style is full of volume and shape and with the fitted waist it really accentuates hour glass figures. This is because of the tight bodice and sleeve length it evens out your shape and really flatters your curves. 

Now for a little close up of this stunning print. I love that each delicate brushstroke is visible within the flowers and the mixure of mint, purple, white and grey really creates a true vintage style look within the fabric. I've really begun to love purple these days and as you can see in this blog post I'm really giving into it. The matching belt also makes me swoon as it looks amazing with pencil skirts and solid colour dresses.

After falling hard for the tattoo print version of this dress I had to snap up the Venus Fly Trap print asap. I missed one restock then lucky got my unicorn a few months back and I really hope they continue to restock this again. 

My first introduction to the hot rod honey was the wiggle style dress a few years back and I loved the firm fit and bodice. Then in my casual attire I started wearing skater dresses constantly and when this swing style came out my skater hot rod honey dreams had finally come true!

This is essentially the perfect skater dress! Firm fabric, great shape and the perfect length to be worn with or without a petticoat.

A higher bustline so you can show a little less cleavage and the most perfect full skirt! The super stretchy fabric molds to your shape and is so comfortable it's crazy. While some pinup styles have a time limit for how long you may or may not feel comfortable in them this dress could be worn non stop for days and you'd feel amazing all day and night. 

This purple print comes with its own belt but I'm still loving my Deadly Dames faux leather buck belt at the moment so I swapped them for this shoot. I really love how black accessories work with this colour as I honestly never pictured the two together. But if black does not work for you why not try a bright lime green or hot pink.

The print has to be the first thing that made me fall hard for this dress. When I was little I adored Little Shop of Horrors and I've been an fan of Audrey II since the first time I saw the film. It's rare to see anyone creating any fabrics featuring her and it's honestly a must have print in all styles. 

The fabric and print works perfectly over a hard chest and there is no print warping issues at all. If you have a large chest like myself you'll always purchase printed items with that little bit of fear in your heart, hoping you won't make the print larger or obscured. So double G girls never fear you can wear any of the hot rod honey swings without this fear. 

Now all I need to do is add the Fetish and Skull print to my wardrobe and my collection will be complete. Unlike the print featured in these images the fetish and skull versions are in stock from size XS to 4XL right now. So get these hot frocks while you can and thank me later. You will wear these dresses constantly and they rock through the year as they are easy to layer in winter or just pair with strappy heels in summer. 

Many thanks to Damien Bowerman for these stunning shots and for capturing these amazingly bright fabrics perfectly. 


  1. The venus flytrap print has been my unicorn for a very long time and now I finally found it on retroglam as an hotrod honey. Bought the fetish hotrod honey a while ago and it was pure love, so I'm hoping that the venus flytrap will be as good as it was. It looks awesome on you!

  2. I love purple! You look amazing in that dress!

    Best regards from Poland! :)