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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

National Velvet

I never imagined that I'd fall for any shade of purple. It's never been a colour I've gravitated to or really loved but from the moment the National Velvet Dita was released I knew that this colour was perfection. My taste usually swings towards the richer and deeper shades like red, noir and emerald but there is something absolutely magical about this soft shade of lilac.

I've had a long time love affair with the Dita cardigan and with each colour released my collection keeps growing. The Dita cardigan is that timeless classic piece that pairs with everything. From wiggle to swing style skirts, high waisted jeans, short and disco pants, girls of all shapes and sizes just adore this style as it suits everyone.

For this release I opted for the size 16 and the fit is much like that of my red or black cardigan. Over the years there have been tighter knits released (my emerald is a super firm knit) but this lilac style is super soft and stretchy and I could have even sized down to a 14 but I love being able to wear the cardigan open or buttoned to the collar. Yes this style in a 16 actually buttons up right to the collar even with my ample chest. As I'm wearing a corset in these images my bust was raised super high and some slight pulls on the fabric are shown. But without the corset the cardigan buttons up without any issues.

What's really exciting is that this like many of the newer knitted styles has been released up to a size 18AU!! So curvy girls of the world can snap this stunning cardigan up asap! As a size 16 myself it's so brilliant to know that Melanie and her team are thinking about the curvier dollbabies and extending the range. What I also love about all of my Dollbaby knits has to be the comfort and stretch factor. My weight fluctuates - it's just a part of everyday life - but these babies never lose their shape and mold to your curves, complimenting and flattering your hips and bust.

For this Dita Cardigan shoot I wanted to do something a little different with styling so I paired this pastel wonder with my Orchard Corset leather longline underbust corset. I love how strong the leather looks paired with such a soft colour and the shape it created.

I also discovered my favourite Have to Have leather gloves work wonderfully with the new Dita!! The lilac spots are a perfect colour match together create the perfect winter look.

Many thanks to the amazing Damien Bowerman for shooting this at the very last minute at what has to be my all time favourite location. I absolutely adore working with him and can't wait to plan our next concept!



  1. Looks absolutely faboo on you dear! I just managed to have the available dosh and it was still in stock, and I am SO excited, as it's my very first Dita Cardigan.

  2. ok now I have to have the gloves to match my National Velvet! I am aging out of Pin Up clothes (don't ask, but I get senior discounts at McD's and the movies) but surely gloves are right at any age.

    Love your blog, I'm in Tennessee. You should come rock a Rockabilly look if you ever get to Beale Street (Memphis)or Music Row (Nashville)