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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Vixen by Micheline Pitt

I'm super excited to be able to share this review with you guys!!!! As you may know I'm a mad fan of my friend Micheline Pitt's work and I just adore her quirky and spooky styling, be it personal or with her amazing artwork. 

Recently Micheline has released her own range 'Vixen by Micheline Pitt' and from the moment I saw the previews of these amazing t-shirts and some of her extended range I was first in line to pick up the first releases from her amazing new range. With the simple yet perfect 'Good things for bad girls' this range has me smitten like crazy. 

From amazingly comfortable casual tees and baseball tops to pencil skirts, peasant style blouses and amazing dresses. The full range when released will sell like hotcakes and I want every single piece! Plus being a pin addict like myself she is also releasing the most fabulous enamel pin sets and accessories and I can't wait to adorn my leather jackets with each and every pin. 

The first tee I purchased was the 'Not Today Satan' style in and XL. Featuring a famed southern phrase which one should live by daily. Fitting perfectly into the don't fuck with me bad girl chic style we've all come adore from Micheline this image is both adorable while still being a hard bad girl. 

Made in 100% cotton this scoop neck tee is super soft, stretchy and so comfortable. I chose the XL as I wanted to make sure my bust would fit perfectly and this size is perfect for fit with a little extra room around the hips and waist. As a bustier girl I tend to warp prints or crack images and this only happened in one area of the print. So I highly suggest you stick to your size and don't opt for smaller as it may not work print wise. The XL is perfect for my stats and I really love how easy to wear these tees are. 

They are designed in a way that flatters your shape and this is the one thing women lust after when it comes to tees. The scoop neckline adds the right amount of skin and compliments your bustline. I also love that this print is on a bold white tshirt as it works perfectly with my nearly all black casual wardrobe. This style will be released in black so if white is a little too bright for you be sure to snap the that colour up once released. 

Next I have the adorable 'My Hair is Full of Secrets' tee in pale pink! Inspired by the designer's own motto, so why say it when you can wear it. Available in this soft pale pink babydoll style tee a shade I never thought I'd ever look good in but I'm loving it. I'm so not a pink girl to be honest and I've always worn black, red and white whenever possible but I'm loving how this paler shade of pink works with my wardrobe and my colouring. It's even inspired me to want all of the other pink items in Micheline's range! 

What I love most about these styles is the location of the print. High up on the bust-line and perfectly placed so that you don't hide anything when you tuck these into your favourite pencil skirt. They work perfectly when tucked into high waisted style but still look amazing when worn long with modern jeans. I wear these tucked for evening and worn out over skinny jeans with my favourite cardigans or moto jackets for day wear.

So if you are a busty 16 I highly recommend the XL in the babydoll style and as I purchase more items I'll be sure to give you guys the low down on fit and sizing. These two tees will be coming with me on my travels next month as they are perfect for long haul flights and running about the US.

Be sure to follow all of Micheline's new work on Instagram, Facebook and make her Etsy store one of your favourites asap. Yiu'll get the low down on all of the stock to be released, behind the scenes shots and the product images the moment they are released! Currently you can pre order many of the next items to be released so pop over to Etsy and see just how many stunning pieces you will HAVE TO HAVE in your collection.

Many thanks to Damien Bowerman for snapping these brilliant images. I absolutely love creating art with Damien and he's rocked the pants off these images once again!

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