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Friday, July 8, 2016

Oh Jenny

When you think of the perfect swing style skirt, what pops to mind? For me, it's the Jenny Skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing. This style is perfection and I've featured this so many times over the last year but I think my love has grown as more and more prints are released in this super flattering shape.

So I took my current favourites out for a spin with the amazing Damien Bowerman and snapped what has to hands down be one of my all time favourite outfits from Pinup Girl Clothing.

Now as soon as you mention the Jenny skirts these days, there can be a little bit of confusion when it comes to sizes. I will admit when ordering these two styles I asked for some extra advice from Customer Service and double checked the size chart.

Currently my waist is 34 inches and I actually had to purchase two different sizes in this style! Now over the years I've worn everything from and Large to and 2XL but the reason for the variety of sizes is usually due to the fabric and how much it stretches. But for these I strongly suggest looking at the size chart to find the right fit.

Doris Top in Black - Sold Out

From the moment I laid eyes on this amazing Stephanie Buscema print I was in love and while I wanted the Jenny Dress in the Music Border print I opted to go for the skirt option as it's much more versatile. Then just as I dreamed this print is simply stunning in person!

While I'd usually opt for a XL I actually sized up in this style to a 2XL as the waist measurement on the XL only went up to 31 inches. The 2XL fits a waist of 33-34 inches and this is perfect with or without a corset (I'm wearing my orchard corset long line underbust in these images) It fits comfortably with a little room to move and due to the very limited stretch I'm glad I went up as size as an XL would never have zipped up!

What I love most about this skirt is the border style print and how gracefully it falls without a petticoat. The colours featured also offer you no fuss styling options, as you can pair this Jenny with every colour featured as well as black as I have with my Doris Top. The Doris top has currently sold out and I'm not sure if it will return but fingers crossed it will, as it's the best for a large chest! Mine got a whole lot larger over the last few years and yet Doris tops still rock with my curves!

A vintage floral print mixed in with spider webs? Shut up and take my money!!!!! I'm smitten with this mixture of vintage florals on a navy base and that extra addition of a spooky theme with the bright white webs.

For this Jenny I actually ordered my usual size of an XL as the size chart listed the maximum waist as 34 inches. This is a great fit but a little firmer than the other Jenny shown above as it seems to possibly have an inch less give. Between the two I'm more of a fan of the Musical Border style but this, when worn a few times, gives a little and will be super comfortable. Both of these stunning styles will be coming with me on my August trip to the US and I can't wait to style them with more blouses and summer tops!

So I advise you STRONGLY to be sure to check the size chart, double check your measurements and if you have any doubts pop on over to the Pinup Girl Lounge on Facebook or contact Customer Service directly through the website. With so many people around to give you advice you'll never have any fit issues again!

Now I also have the matching Turban but I will be saving that for some in studio shots with the amazing black Peasant Top! I wanted to shoot them together but I'm loving the idea of some bold studio portraits with both of these items. I'm thinking of something a little creative and magical maybe? Once again, many thanks to Damien Bowerman for these amazing images. He always seems to bring out the best in me.

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