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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Jawbreaker Clothing

As the years pass and my closet grows and grows with bright pinup styles, I will always have a soft spot for the more gothic styles in perfect curve hugging shapes. Last year, I discovered that Voodoo Vixen, one of my favourite UK pinup stores, have another brand focusing on gothic, punk and alternative clothing. Instantly I fell in love with their pinstripe wiggle skirts and dresses, plaid moto jackets and amazing prints. But there was one item that screamed at me from the computer screen - The Grovel Skirt. 

Grovel Skirt - 36 pound
Stockings ASOS 

The Grovel Skirt is magic. From the stretchy yet figure hugging fabric to the stunning pinstripe print, this skirt was made for curves! A high waist to accentuate my hourglass shape and a built-in belt/braces attachment adds that little extra element complete with eyelets and big silver fastenings. I'm wearing the Grovel Skirt in and XL and the fit is perfect! It zips up at the back and due to the stretch, it's super comfortable and easy to move in, unlike some pencil/wiggle skirts. Jawbreaker clothing's largest size is an XL and I find that to be perfect for my measurements. 

I'm smitten with the bondage features on this skirt and the built-in belt means I can accentuate my waist without adding an extra belt. The fastenings really pop as well and the braces add an extra dimension to the look. This may be the first Jawbreaker item in my collection but can honestly say it's started an new addiction and I can't wait to get more styles and lots of dresses in my collection. My lust list is already huge!

I paired the Grovel Skirt with one of the most beloved tops in my collection - The Doris. Such a Pinup Girl Clothing staple and one of the most flattering and boobtastic shapes!  I love how easily I can wear this blouse with a gothic style bondage skirt then the next day a full 50's swing style skirt or high waisted capris. Shoewise, I knew when I ordered this skirt that I wanted some amazing platform boots and Shoe Me Gorgeous came to the rescue with the most amazing Demonias! 

We have to take a few minutes now to focus on these AMAZING boots! Shoe Me Gorgeous have a huge selection of Demonia boots, platforms and high heels, but there was something that drew me to the Poison-101 wedge, made of stunning black vegan leather with some of the best shoe adornments I think I've ever seen. From pyramid studs to spikes, chains, crosses, skulls, pentagrams, lightening and safety pins, this boot has the lot!! You would think that that all might be a little to much for one pair of boots but holy hell it works perfect! I love to chain, spike and button up my leather jackets so now I finally have a pair of boots to match. 

The wedge style also offers absolute comfort and these are a dream to wear. Making me super tall while offering the comfort of a flat, you can easily wear these all day long. Now I usually would not pair an ankle boot with a fitted skirt but I adore how well these work together and the stockings really complete the whole look. I can't wait for winter to hit so I can wear these with jeans and disco pants! I'm wearing an size 10 as I find Demonia are very close to Aussie sizes.

Just like the skirt starting an addiction, I've now got a huge lust list for more Demonias! I would kill to style these in upcoming shoots :

I'm such a sucker for studs and spikes, so it's hard not to lust after every single shoe from this range. I need the Cramps to pair with adorable Wednesday Adams style dresses and the Torment Boots are hot hottest heeled platform on the planet. I've need these babies in my life.

Many thanks to Rom Anthonis for shooting these images! They are my favorite from this set and I can't wait to share our the other images we took. A little hint - we went the polar opposite of this blog's theme and styling! 

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  1. Jaw dropping look! loving their clothes and this skirt (alas I couldn't buy it as they didn't have my size)