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Sunday, November 8, 2015

On The Runway - With Wheels and Dollbaby

Last month I had the pleasure of walking in Telstra Perth Fashion Week for Wheels and Dollbaby. For years I've dreamed of representing an iconic designer in a very public way, and I finally had my chance when I was asked by head designer Melanie Greensmith to walk in her closing show at Perth Fashion Week.

I'm currently putting the final touches on a huge article for Adore Pinup where I spill all the backstage beans and really go into detail of every aspect of the event. The fear, the excitement and all of the proud and inspirational moments that I felt over my stay in Perth, and how it felt to rock that runway with the amazing Dita Von Teese. While my article is really personal, I wanted to give you guys a small glimpse into the event, my experience and the photo shoot that the runway show itself inspired shortly after. 

Picture: Robert Duncan/The West Australian

When I heard the news about Dita walking the runway for Wheels and Dollbaby at Perth Fashion Week, I was dying to cover the event for my blog. Little did I know what Melanie had in mind for me, and a month after the news broke, I was asked to be a part of the show. It was such an amazing step forward for such an iconic brand, and I was ecstatic and super proud to be representing Wheels and representing curvy size 14/16 girls on the runway for such a big event. 

I've walked runway shows in the past, but I've never had the chance to walk for such a well known and respected brand. I swear I was a ball of nerves for the whole month prior, but as the date drew nearer, those nerves settled and the excitement grew. When my husband and I flew over to Perth I wanted the event to happen as soon as humanly possible as I was so pumped and ready to go. 

We arrived a few days early and checked into the Pan Pacific on Adelaide Terrace which was in the heart of the fashion festival. A prime position, with a stunning newly refurbished premier room waiting for us. While researching the event, location and Perth's nightlife, I knew Adelaide Terrace was the place to be. Most of the shows were held at the Opera House and our hotel was within walking distance from some amazing restaurants and bars. 

Waking up to a stunning view of the Swan River in a huge kind size bed was the best way to relax before all the fun began. If you are looking for a great priced luxury 5 star hotel in the heart of downtown Perth, I highly recommend the Pan Pacific. Partnered with the festival itself, they were the fashion hub and held events, parties and so many fittings and castings for each show.

So Perth was brilliant! We relaxed and just hung out around the city and our hotel for a few days. Visiting some amazing bars, such as Hula Bula Bar, which is a brilliant tiki bar owned by LuWOW, and Bobèche, a really rocking basement speakeasy with yummy cocktails and non-stop popcorn! We visited the revolving restaurant - C Restaurant - twice, as I needed high tea to celebrate the show. 

Now onto the big event! The Wheels and Dollbaby runway show sold out so fast; it was absolutely crazy. Everyone wanted a ticket to this event and it was the perfect way to close the festival. We practiced and I ran from hair to run throughs, and then back to makeup and then into wardrobe. The teams from L'Oréal and MAC did an amazing job with an old Hollywood theme and smokey eye. 
Dita was hidden away, but practiced with us, and it was amazing to see her shimmy down the runway. Because of being ready to walk individually, we all missed her solo walk, but the crowd roared with applause.

Then it was showtime! Nerves aside, it was time to hit the runway, and my mission was to strut my stuff and shake my curves with pride. The crowd were amazing and cheered, whistled, and screamed out in support. I could not believe the amount of support I got with each walk and outfit. I jiggled and bounced - this is the joy of having rather big breasts on the runway. I think I mesmerised a few guys and girls.

Then, just like that, the show was over and we walked together as a group, celebrating such a brilliant event. Once backstage, I was pumped and all of the positive vibes from outside were still keeping me going. I wanted to do it all again and I never wanted to take off the stunning outfits. I fell in love with all of the pieces backstage, so I knew that I needed to shoot my favourites once I got home. The image above and video below are just a taste of what I wore and the stunning garments shown. There are many more images in my next Adore Pinup article.

The outpouring of support was amazing after the event. I met so many people at the after party who really loved what I represented and that I was in the show. I posed for photos, had long chats about fashion and met some amazing people from the fashion world, as well as social media, such as Instagram and the Swap Sell groups on Facebook. I can't put properly into words how much more inspired I was after the event, and so proud of what I had been a part of. I hope that this is just the start of mixed runways like this for big designers and I hope to work with Wheels and Dollbaby again. 

I fell hard for 3 outfits at the show and HAD to try them on in my size and shoot them for you guys. There was a size 14 model in the show and she wore the most stunning dress so that was first on my list along side the new Dita Cardigan and my beloved Leather Moto Jacket.  


Once you wiggle your way into this dress, you will never want to take it off. I'm honestly crushed that I only had this on loan as it made me feel amazing. It hugs your curves in all the right places and the billowing sleeve has that iconic 70's bold shape that I'm now obsessed with.

 The statement sleeve paired with the tight wiggle dress make for the ultimate statement LBD. I'm wearing the Lara Stone dress in a size 16 and it is absolutely perfect. 


Now I must save my pennies and get this baby in my life permanently!

I have a huge addiction to leather moto jackets and this is my new pride and joy. With two types of studs, a bold and bright back patch and a figure hugging fit this is the one and only moto I will ever need. I own the knit moto in an XXL so I opted for a size 14 for a more tight fit and I really love how it fits both in the bust and the waist.

This is an investment and I will treat this jacket like it is my child. So easy to style, so easy to wear and the quintessential rock chic coat. 

The back patch and stud combination adorning the back of this moto jacket is absolutely amazing. I tend to personalize my own jackets like this so it's great to have this pre made. This pairs perfectly with my high waisted Unique Vintage Rizzo jeans. I'm wearing these in a size 2x but they are a little too big. The super stretchy denim allows for lots of movement and room. I'll be sizing down with these to an XL. 


Finally, a Dita cardigan to pair perfectly with my hair colour. The fit on this style is great in a size 16 and I just adore the rich almost blood red colour. I sadly missed out on purchasing this style, but I'm so happy I had the chance to model it.

This shade suits so many girls and I'm loving seeing all shapes and sizes wearing this over social media. You may have noticed the amazing Gold version that was premiered at the runway which is up for pre-order on the Wheels and Dollbaby website. I'm lusting after the gold lurex fabric and that shimmer, I need it in my life.

I started this post thinking I would write a brief little update before my article came out, but I guess I got a little carried away with it. Issue #11 will hit the website in the next few weeks so keep an eye out over social media for a release date.

Many Thanks to Katherine Davis once again for rocking this shoot with me!  


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