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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New look, logo and more

You might have noticed a change across the Curves To Kill social media with a brand new logo appearing on Facebook and Instagram. A few months ago, I fell in love with a local band's new T-shirt design and instantly asked my husband who designed the retro style image. I demanded he get in touch with his friend as soon as humanly possible so I could get the perfect logo created for my blog. So that day we contacted Versus Clothing and started creating!

I sent through a few images from my photo shoots and created a theme for the logo. I've been called a film noir spy before due to my look and many of my shoots - it must be my love for berets - so I ran with that concept, and I think it suits Curves To Kill perfectly.

I made sure I was featured wearing some of my favourite items for the logo, as I really wanted it to represent me as I naturally am.  It features the black Doris Top from Pinup Girl Clothing, the belt that gets everyone talking, a red beret and of course my ruby red lips.

With such a great response to the logo, I've decided that I will be creating some curve friendly, busty conscious merchandise to my blog for you guys to purchase. Everything is in the testing phase right now, but I will be setting up a shop and having tees, tank tops, hoodies and raglan-style baseball 3/4 tops available. If there is anything else you guys would be interesting in wearing or purchasing, please feel free to comment below or email me (info @ teerwayde. com) and I'll get it sorted! For each clothing item, I will be personally testing the fit to ensure each item is made for us busty, curvy ladies. 

Now the question is will you guys be wanting black or white styles?

There is also another new and exciting development here at blog central (he he I feel so silly calling my laptop and bedroom that) and I'm super excited about this as well. I've been working with a creative team and we have created a App for iPhones.

It's simple to navigate, free and makes reading Curves To Kill on the go so much easier! Just search 'Curves To Kill' in the App Store via your iPhone, and you will find the app with ease. You can also find an online write up and direct link to the store here and on my Instagram bio.



  1. I'd definitely be interested in black. Sign me up for a tee and a raglan, I can't wait to wear them!

  2. I'd be interested in a black tee, providing it came in a size 20, I'm curvy everywhere, not just busty.

  3. I tend to prefer black over white items (I'm super clumsy and my white clothes don't tend to stay white long!). Looking forward to seeing what you release, and I just LOVE the new logo!

  4. Are there any plans to do guys tshirts too?

    1. Hell Yeah hun! I'm just testing things for the moment then I'll put up a shop with absolutely everything! xxxxx