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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The BEST way to shop

I'm a huge fan of local swimwear brand Siren Swimwear and their amazingly constructed swimsuits and resort wear. I was lucky enough to shoot one of their suits last year for my Swimwear for Curves article in Adore Pinup Magazine and from that moment on I knew I had found one of the best fitting swimsuits for my hour glass shape.

But as a home shopper, I understand the issues that come with purchasing swimsuits online without fully knowing how the items will fit once they arrive - that fear that comes with submitting an order and waiting ever so impatiently for the goodies to arrive only to find out that they are too small, too big or just not right for you.

Well, this fear is a thing of the past as Sirens Swimwear have created the absolute best way to shop for swimsuits with their 'Ship The Shop' process.

The process is super simple :

Quick Instructions:

- Step 1: Choose one of the 3 Ship the Shop products below and add it to your cart.
- Step 2: Browse through our store and add 5 items from your selected category to the cart
- Step 3: A Ship the Shop promotion code will automatically be applied to your cart and you will be charged only the cost of the Ship the Shop product + postage and handling.

So you head over to the website and you will find 3 options to choose from :

I opted for the Ship the Shop Swimwear options for $199.00 and added this selection to my basket. The next step is my favourite part - window shopping! I searched through all the swimsuit options and found 5 suits that I adored. Knowing the Lizzie one piece fits like a dream, I chose a mixture of both one pieces, a swim dress and a bikini, so I could find out just how well each item fit my shape.

The ordering process is a few short steps and within days you will have your 5 suits arriving at your door ready to try on. Wrapped and packaged up safely, all 5 items arrived at my door and I could not contain my excitement! Gone are the days of feeling horrible going into store after store and never really feeling comfortable trying swimsuits on with pushy salespeople. With this process, you get to try on each garment in the comfort of your own home and make sure you get the perfect fit. 

Carefully, I unwrapped each garment and tried each piece on, making sure to follow the fit guide instructions included in the parcel. Rolling the garment on helps ensure the swimsuit does not get stretched or damaged and makes slipping into the swimsuit super easy. 

With each swimsuit the fit was a little different. The Eloise Retro Bikini ordered in a 16 was a great fit on the bottom (I could have sized down a little) but the top was too small cup wise for my GG chest. Then I tried the Lyla halter suit and although the fit was amazing throughout the hips and waits and even roomy in the bust the halter did not allow enough support bust wise. Then I moved on to the Lizzie vintage style swimsuit in Blue and this suit fit like a dream. I knew this would be the case as I've modeled this style before so I also ordered the black and midnight rose garden print to see which would suit me best. Loving the rose garden print I also chose the swim dress, a style I've never had the chance to wear before. This is a two piece suit - high waisted bottoms and the long length swim dress and the fit is exactly like the Lizzie. All once pieces were ordered in a size 16 as well.

To be honest, I was torn between the blue dot Lizzie and the tummy control swim dress and it was a very tough choice but after thinking about what I needed the garment for an what I could pair it with my choice in the end was the Lizzie. If I could have afforded both I would quickly snap up the dress as it's the perfect summer lounging by the pool swimsuit and can also double as a great top to wear under pencil or swim skirts.

Then once you have received and tried on your selection in the comfort of your own home you select your favourite item or items. Then pack the items you do not wish to keep into the Reply Paid satchel (included) along with your completed Returns form and drop it to your local post office (so it can be tracked). Refunds & exchanges will be processed within 7 days, then your credit card will be charged or refunded for the amount you have kept. The Ship the Shop program is currently only available in Australia but fingers crossed this concept spreads like wildfire as we shoppers need more options to get the perfect fit.

The Ship the Shop Package Includes

·         5 Swimsuits of Your Choice.

·         Reply Paid Satchel (for your returns)

·         Ship the Shop Returns Form

·         Ship the Shop Trying Guide

This process is so easy and for the cost of one garment you get multiple items to try own in comfort and privacy. The service and quality here are second to none and I highly recommend this brilliant new way to shop. With sizes ranging from 8 to 20 you will find the perfect suit or beach wear for summer without any fear!

Now Sirens Swimwear are being extra awesome and treating you, my readers, with a 15% discount. So use the code 'teerwayde' at the checkout and get the suit of your dreams!


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