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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tragic Beautiful

If there is one style of casual dress that I can say I'm addicted to, it has to be the very dark and always brilliant Wednesday Addams dress. I've got a cupboard full of this style frock and I continue to add more as more colourways and collar options hit the market. 


The Thursday dress is my current go to winter dress for day or night and I'm absolutely in love with the simple yet unique design. With a full sleeve, free flowing hip and nipped in waist/under bust section this style is both flattering and super comfortable. The extra addition of a silk ribbon bow tie adds that little something extra that most of my Wednesday Addams inspired outfits don't have. There is also a sneaky back print as shown bellow!

I adore each and every design from Disturbia and love the gothic and creepy style/vibe they have created with their range. As I'm always more comfortable and, let's face it, live in all black items, this adds a little more mod goth inspired style to my wardrobe.

I'm wearing this style in a size XL but I could have easily have slipped into a Large given the stretchy fabric and roomy hips and waist. The viscose fabric is a dream to wear as it's lightweight and can be layered with ease. This dress will suit all season but winter as well so you can wear it constantly! I'm actually wearing this to work today and heading straight to the David Bowie Exhibition afterwards. It's so versatile and a dream to wear.

I wanted to put a little 60's spin on the Thursday Dress so I opted to tease my hair and add a bold and quirky set of sunglasses from my collection. These were purchased from eBay and say 'Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye' on each frame.

There are heaps of other items at Tragic Beautiful with this Addams Family vibe and my lust list is getting huge! Tragic Beautiful are an Australian based company (yay for more Aussies!) and have a huge range of alternative clothing, accessories and housewares.

Addams Crop Top - $49.00
Doll Dress - $65.00

I'll take one of each please! The 90's are coming back it seems with a moon, sun and stars print fabric all mixed with a little evil. I love the crop style top and would love to wear it with both swing and pencil skirts.

I have the Dolly Dress and it's a great fit, very mod looking and a dream to wear. The bold buttons add a little more drama and the ribbon waist tie is adorable. Then I think it's an absolute must to get a version of this dress in velvet. Is there anything more delicious than black velvet?

There are two options for a Wednesday Addams style textured fabric dress. The Addams Velvet above and the Rosemary Velour dress from Disturbia. I love the extra addition of bold alien head buttons on this style. Then finally there is the Pentagram Wednesday Dress which has the same fit as the Thursday style but with a short sleeve and a large white pentagram printed on the back.
I think I'm getting greedy with this theme/style but I can't help it!