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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Spooky and Kooky

As you may know, I'm a fan of all things kooky and spooky. Skulls, horror themed prints and gore - I need all of these things in my life. So when Hell Bunny released their latest macabre themed items I had to pick up my favourite pieces. Mixing horror themed items and other new season stock I created a bit of a haunted housewife-esque look. 

I'm a bat loving freak but sadly until now I've never owned much other than Batman merchandise. Now this lack of bat clothing needed to be rectified and what better way to do this than with the best Vampiress skirt! Featuring a bold red border and bat shaped patches on the hidden pockets. 

I'm wearing every style here in size XL and the skirt is a little bit roomy. This was easily fixed with a waist belt. This skirt makes one hell of an impact and I can't wait to style it in more ways. If your'e not a fan of red there is also a green and black option. 

Hell Bunny circle skirts are my go to mid priced skirt and their range is huge! With a variety of prints and solid colours you can purchase a small collection for every day wear without breaking the bank. Now I think we need a few more colour ways in this style because a girl can't have too many sets of bat pockets! 

This is my stand out favourite outfit from this shoot and originally I was going to wear these two separately, so glad I changed my mind! One their own they are brilliant pieces but together they make so much more of an impact. The 40's silhouette of the Harriet is super flattering and comfortable for my hourglass shape and with a cap sleeve it's prefect for our current warm weather. 

My favourite features are the full button up front and the peter pan shapes collar. With my measurements I had no issues with fit, buttons popping or pulling and I even had a little room to move around the waist. I was worried about stretch and fit as I've only worn the halter neck dresses and more stretchy shapes from HB but the XL is perfect. This style is also available in teal, grey and brown. 

I paired the Harriet with the brilliantly designed ouija board cardigan. This is my second cardigan from Hell Bunny and I'm absolutely sold on the fit, soft stretchy fabric and reinforced buttons. It features a pointer and moon motif printed on front and the board itself printed on back. I've shown the cardigan tied just under the bust so it flatters my my waistline in this swing style dress but you can also wear it longer as shown bellow. 

The print on the back is absolutely brilliant! I can't get enough of this design! Now all I need are a few ouija themed accessories to pair with it. 

Then finally I have the Black June dress! A witchy, black widow 40's style full skirt frock that is an absolute dream to wear. Although this may look like a more winter style dress the fabric is that light and thin that you can wear it all year round. It's a little gothic, a little pinup and creates a whole lotta vavavoom when styled right! The deep v neckline and button detailing on the bust sleeves are my favourite features. 

I wore all of these styles with my trusty Hell Bunny petticoat as it works with so many different colours and prints. I'd love to get a bright red or even purple style petticoat to pair with this dress and show just a hint of colour.

Love the style but you're not a fan of black? Like many of this season's new styles you can purchase the June dress in brown and burgundy. I think I need all 3 in my collection. 

I've paired this fully black look with the most divine pair of platform heels I've worn in years. I'm new to the world of Bordellos but now I'm an absolute addict. These are the highest yet most comfortable shoes I've every owned and they are worth every dollar!!! 

While most alternative stores carry this brand I found the one stop shop for all pinup shoe needs right here in Australia - Shoe Me Gorgeous! With an amazingly large range, excellent customer service and speedy shipping this is THE only shoe shop you will ever need. My current wish list is huge but I need to have these three stunning pairs in my life asap! 

Many thanks to the fantastic Michael of Robin Elk Photography for taking these fantastic images and for being so much fun to work with! I can't wait until our next shoot!


  1. Oh my gosh you look amazing. I had no idea that Vampiras sunglasses were available. The bat sunglasses were once made by Maila Nurmi, aka Vampira a horror show hostes. She modelled her out with some clay or papier mache or something and featured them 1957 in a magazine photo shoot with a bikini. Got to have these!!

  2. Hi, i really like your style, and i want to know one thing. How do you get that effect on your dress? Thank you very much.