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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oh Hello Accessories!!

Over the weekend I shot the most amazing winter coat from Hello Holiday and the full review and post will be up next week. But in the meantime I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite items from the accessories section of their brilliant online store.

With glasses, bags, scarves, jewellery, shoes and clothing you will find complete outfits and so many items to add to your collection. Here are my current favourites.

The Jenny is an over exaggerated and super funk cats eye shape pair of shades in the most unique colour I've ever owned. The clear pale green, almost blue colour pairs really well with my red hair and skin tone and I love how well these match my brighter items of clothing. 

With this style at this price you really can't go wrong. I'd also love these to be released in black, red and possibly white as I'd collect the whole set. The fit is spot on which was a delightful discovery because sometimes you order a pair of sunglasses and they hurt your head after one wear. These sit comfortably all day and are my new go to pair!

The Cher style shape is close to the previously shown Jenny but a little more rounded. The pale grey actually seems a little more beige in person is the lens is distinctly brown. I adore the use of two colours for two separate sections of the glasses, it really makes the lighter front section pop!

This pair of sunglasses is a more subtle than the previous pair and due to the easy to style colour they will match with lots of skin tones and outfits. The brown lens look brilliant in reality and is something I've never had before. Usually I tend to go to greys, black  or clear lens glasses and sunglasses but I really love the Cher style. 

Usually I'm the person who swears she can't wear gold, avoids it at all costs and never ever contemplates that it would actually suit me. Well that was until I discovered these babies. The Late Night Platforms are absolutely amazing.

A paler, lighter shade of gold, these bold wedges are super sparkly, discotastic and so darn cute! The chunky base and half wedge/heel make this the most comfortable shoe I've worn in years. Pair these with Jeans, skirts, lots of colour or just black. Even slip these under your wedding gown for unique accessory that you can wear all day.

The paler shade of Gold really works on my skin-tone and I can't wait to style these with other outfits and dresses in the summer. 

So what are you loving on Hello Holiday at the moment? Stay tuned next week for a sneaky extra link back to my favourite coat from their website and a full shoot wearing it!


  1. Oh my! Those first sunglasses and those shoes = amazing!!

  2. Omg! These glasses are super cool! Cat eye glasses are often too small which makes the face look weird and doesn't shade the eyes properly. These are awesome!

  3. these sunnies man! 100% killing it! digging your make up too. :D