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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's all in the hardware

It's hit that awesome time of the year when I can team up with the awesome Julz Photography and showcase my current must haves from Classic Hardware. We shot a 60's inspired set of images with the talented Cherry Bombshell Beauty, providing a soft retro look and I was in charge of hair! I'm wearing the Ellie Tie Top in black now sold out  from Heart of Haute but you can pick up the red version as shown in one of my more recent posts here.

This time I've gone for a few new choices and different styles than what I'm usually attracted to and some true 'me' styles and images. At Classic Hardware, you will find everything you could possibly want when it comes to accessories, artwork and tees. I have to admit I've spent way too long web window shopping on multiple occasions on this website as there is so much stock! 

This season I've tried to bring a bit more colour into my accessory choices and the pairing of silver and red is perfect for my wardrobe. I adore this English crown paired with a deep berry red shade of glass beads. While looking back at my collection I've noticed the crown image/shape must be a favourite of mine as it shows up in 3 of my necklaces. The Rockwear is light weight and hits a little bellow my collar bone. 

Like my last review, I opted for another custom piece but this time with my fiance's initial instead of my own. The J is strong and very bold on the shiny black coated baroque necklace. Paired with the black beads and silver chain this pendant really makes a statement and I love wearing a little reminder of my man around with me. 

My obsession will things country and western style has now invaded my accessory collection and I could not be any happier. This is my first ring from Classic Hardware and I can honestly say they are amazing. With a perfect fit in a size 8 (I guessed when ordering and got a perfect fit) this ring is strong in shape but does not overpower. The sterling silver makes it pair beautifully with other rings in my collection and the unique style of the design sits beautifully on my finger. I now need buy everything they have 'western' related! 

I can't get enough anchors it seems! Another anchor style necklace to add to my collection but this time it is paired with a heart and floral design. Very pop meets flash art! The chain features more glass beads than the styles above and this makes it more playful, cute and bright. This style like the Rockwear is light weight and really comfortable to wear.

Ship Earrings - $28.00

Classic hardware are the kings of locket necklaces and I now own 4 of their different locket designs. I already own this Ship image in a normal oval pendant but I love it so much I needed it in more designs. The locket plus pendant combo creates a very sweet and dainty design and yes, this is a real locket. You can insert a small image of your choice inside the silver locket frame. I paired this necklace with the matching Ship earrings and love the combination. The image shown on the necklace is a vintage ship being pulled into the ocean by a gigantic octopus! It is my second favorite design from CH! 

 photo ITEM54_zps671e160f.jpg

Bad Girls Vintageware 5 link bracelet - $59.00

Then lastly I have chosen the Bad Girl bracket in the Vintageware style. This is one strong and amazingly constructed bracelet. The silver is medium weight but won't hurt your wrist and is easy to wear. Each square features a vintage bad girl pulp novel cover and is a must have for any pinup lover! 

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