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Monday, April 21, 2014

Secrets in Lace

Every year or so I take time out to try new underwear and shapewear available on the market. For too long I've been wearing beige stretchy garments that suck and tuck everything but don't really offer much in term of looks.

So after searching for stockings online, I stumbled across Secrets in Lace and quickly fell in love with their pinup perfect selection of underwear, stockings, corsets and shapewear garments. Secrets in Lace are US based company specializing in classically elegant lingerie, foundations and authentic nylon stockings.

Armed with all of my goodies I teamed up with L12 Photography and headed down to my beloved Bobby McGees once again to capture all of these brilliant looks and more! I chose two sets of underwear that suited my pinup styling the most and I can safely say that these just as perfect as I imagined.

Pleated Panty - $21.00
Corset (borrowed)

All black lingerie sets have always had my heart and this lace style immediately called to me when I saw it on the website. The retro shelf bra is a half cup push up style that makes you full in shape, show lots of skin and well quite frankly just makes the girls look amazing! I'm wearing this bra in a 36DD and it's a great fit for the style that it is. I've found out now that for day to day bras, my actual size is a 34GG but for bra shapes such as this I can work with the 36DD and still fit. 

The shelf bra pairs perfectly with the pleated and sheer high waisted panties and babydoll. The panties in a size XL are very roomy and comfortable and I think I could have sized down with ease. They are perfect for lounging about your house as they are a dream to wear.  

Now onto the babydoll! I am madly in love with this retro inspired cover up and can't stop wearing it. The fabric pairs beautifully with everything in my lingerie collection and the vintage styling is perfect. From the bow to the little button closure this is perfect and any pinup or retro lingerie lover needs to add this to their collection.

This is what I call a bedroom or for your partner bra. One that shows off your chest in a stunning way, shows lots of skin and is perfect for any special occasion. This style also works for a lot of the lower cute style dress I own that show a little of my usual more fuller coverage bras. This is not a style I would wear every day but save for those very special moments. My usually 34GG bras sit much differently but I opt for styles like this for different outfits and situations. 

Corset (borrowed)

Red and black - one of my favorite colour combinations! This matching brand and open girdle set are to die for! The cherry red base with the perfectly placed black accents make for a stunning set when worn together. As stated above I'm wearing these bras in a size 36DD and the fit on this style is exactly that same as the black push up style above. 

My favorite feature has to be the sheer lace detail on the top of the cup. This small piece makes this bra stand out more than most and adds a little more glamour to the look. It can also be tucked inside and hidden if you wish to wear it in a different style. I also adore the size of the straps on both of these bras as they are the right thickness to carry a large chest size comfortably but they are also visually stunning so you don't mind if they poke through any outfit.

The open bottom girdle is the best item to pair with this bra in my opinion. While you have the option of a panty or thong and garter belt in this fabric I find the girdle has the most impact, giving you that lusted after hourglass shape and smoothing out all lumps and bumps. I'm wearing this size in a XL and it is the perfect fit. I was originally worried about my hip measurements but this size works great for my body. 

The garters are super easy to adjust and attach to stockings and fit very securely to my stockings. I usually worry about wearing such items out in case one pops one mid stride but this girdle is wonderful. 

Now I could not wear the girdle without stockings could I? I'm wearing the Dana sheer heel  in coffee in a size Large and they fit my thighs perfectly. The soft and silky nylon is feels amazing on your skin and after wearing these I have to purchase as many pairs as humanly possible! 

Don't be fooled when you take these out of the packaging. They will appear smaller than you expected but once you carefully slide them up your leg they turn into the perfect length stocking. I'm currently lusting after the Vintage Dot style and the whole of the Dita Collection

Thank you so much to both L12 Photography, Bobby McGees and Rydges Melbourne for making this shot an amazing success. If you are a Melbourne local be sure to book L2 Photography for your photography needs. I still can't get over how amazing Bobby McGees is and feel so grateful to be be able to use this location once again. Located within the Rydges Hotel in Melbourne this is the perfect spot for parties, weddings and hopefully kustom kulture events!


  1. You look incredible, what a fantastic venue and post!

  2. Thanks for your thoughts on SIL... I love Dita and have been perusing her site for a while, pondering purchasing some higher end pieces. I will give it a go now...
    Any chance you could make a post with step by step on how you do your great red lips ? I bought a couple of reds but it looks nowhere near as proper as yours does... Thanks a bunch !