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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Baby it's cold outside

The chilly part of the year has finally hit us in Melbourne and I absolutely adore it! Autumn and spring are by far my favorite seasons with the cooler temperatures and need for layers, stockings and all things warm.

So it's time to rug up, warm up and keep super cosy because baby it's cold outside!

Now I tend to rug up in hoodies and pj's as much as humanly possible during these seasons but I've neglected warming footwear for years. Well that has changed this year because of a recent addition to my boot collection - The Ugg! 

I've not worn Ugg boots for years but I've fallen hard for my Tall Dancer Ugg boots from Australian Ugg Boots. 

These super soft and warm boots are made from 100% Australian Merino Sheepskin and are a dream to wear. With a thick and cushioned sole, soft black fleece lining and a very cool lace up style these can be worn as show in these images or with the top rolled down to expose the inner fleece. 

I picked the taller style boot as I've always loved the height ad the shape. While I am not usually the type of person to wear slippers outside of the house I do think that these can pass for really comfy boots during the cooler yet not wet days. I have not taken these out on the town yet but I've loved wearing them around the house while snuggled up in my pj's. 

These images were taken on the way to my family's farm as I wore them for the drive up from Melbourne and they were a great and comfy travel shoe. The great thing is you can wear them indoors and outdoors!

My favorite features of the Tall Dancer have to be the lace up front and the matching black fleece and sheep skin outer. Australian UGG Boots are one of only a few who still make the boots in Australia. Most suppliers sacrifice quality to reduce costs and get them made in China and other locations.

This boot like many on the Australia Ugg Boot website are available in a big variety of colours so whatever you heart desires slipper or ugg boot wise I'm sure you'll find it here, see the colour chart bellow. 

I'm loving the shape, height and style of the ugg boot that much I've got my eye of the following two colours for my collection.

I look forward to keeping my feet warm all winter with these babies! What do you wear to warm your tootsies during the winter?

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