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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Steampunk Styling

In the last few weeks I've found a very unique and brilliant shop on Etsy. For lovers of steampunk, kooky and creative accessories, Tashera Jean is the store for you! A store featuring signature "Steampunk Animals" © jewellery collection as well as a host of other antique vintage and Steampunk jewellery pieces.

From necklaces to brooches, earrings to cufflinks and much, much more, you will find completely heaps of completely unique and stunning hand made accessories with a really awesome twist. 

Last week my first order arrived perfectly packed and I've been dying to show these amazing pieces off to you. 

Firstly I have to share the oh so funky packaging that my necklaces arrived in : 

How awesome is this box? I was smitten without even opening up the package, I instantly snapped it as it's the coolest packaging I've ever had sent to me. 

So my first choice was an industrial clockwork necklace with a anatomically correct heart pendant and red crystals. I have such a strong love for realist hearts so as soon as I saw this piece I knew it had to be mine. 

I adore the mixture of mechanical and anatomical pieces all in one accessory. I've actually been looking for a heart like this for years so I'm so very happy to have this in my collection. 

Now this item item is sold out but you can find many other necklaces via the Etsy shop and get other cool pendants such as guns, animals, insects, mermaids and much more. All with a perfect price tag of $27 for this selection of pendants.

My next choice was a Dr Who inspired necklace featuring the Tardis. While this one is sold out you can find a very similar style here. I've only recently been introduced to the series through my lovely fiance and I adore it.

So when I saw this piece I thought of my partner instantly and wanted it so I'd be reminded of him whenever I'm wearing it. The Tardis charm is fantastic and the blue pops out on my pale skin.

I'm absolutely in love with the styles and designs on  Tashera Jean and I can't wait to add more unique steampunk items to my collection in the future. I've got my eyes on the amazing Steampunk Animals as my next purchase, I've never seen such creations! 

So please check out these awesome designs and and add a little steampunk brilliance to your accessory collection. 

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