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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Billie Jo Retro

While shopping on the Friday at Viva Las Vegas earlier this year I stumbled across Billie Jo Retro. I was on the hunt for something to wear for the car show and as soon as I saw this adorable jumpsuit, I knew it had to be mine!

I've always adored jumpsuits but I've never found one that fit me 'just right'. Some are too short in the torso, others too long - but as soon as I slipped into this style in a size XL, I knew I had found my suit. 

The shorty is inspired by Rosie the Riveter and is my must-have summer staple! Featuring a metal zipper, short sleeves, side pockets and made from a soft cotton spandex, it is an absolute dream to wear... and you can pair this with every belt in your collection.

My go-to outfit with this suit is back-seamed black stockings and heels but for this shoot I wanted to show the Jumpsuit on it's own and paired with simple black accessories. The fit is amazing, I feel so confident and curvy when I wear this outfit.

I knew when I picked this black version up that I'd be starting a life long addiction to this specific style of romper. The Shorty Mechanic also comes in Leopard, Indigo and Red, all of which I need in my wardrobe for the summer. Now I'll need to save up and get the whole collection and wear nothing but these all summer long.

My mother has already set her sights on this and wants to wear it out constantly. I love that even though I wear it in a very pinup way that she can pair it with her more modern styling and create a whole new look. She now has one of her own so there is no stealing to be done!

- - - - - 

Many thanks to the extraordinary and beautiful Jaimie Nicole  for her all of her hard work and time helping me out with this shoot. I'm blown away by the results! If you are in Melbourne you need to book Jaimie ASAP!!

I also need to thank Bobby McGee's again for letting us use there amazing and unique venue which is retrotastic! For parties, wedding receptions and photo shoot locations this is your go-to vintage inspired location!


  1. Love it! I always find it hard finding rompers to fit too, but this one looks like it was made FOR you!

  2. Hello,Ciao...the jupsuit is fabolous on you...What an amazing PIN-UP!