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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Classic Hardware Review and Giveaway!!! CLOSED!!!

It's that time of year when I get a little accessory crazy and shoot one of my favorite jewelry brands, Classic Hardware! With the warmer months approaching and necklines getting lower, I'm all about the statement necklace right now!

So jam-packed a whole heap of retro-inspired goodies, I headed over to shoot with the amazing Julz Photography at her home studio. We shot these amazing items very simply; focusing on the classic design and artistry. 


Two dark yet almost Gothic pieces with a really soft and sweet twist. I adore the ornate frame detail on the octopus necklace and the custom 'T' on my curious heart! If you want a great gift for a loved one, the Initial necklace is perfect! 


A ruby red heart to match perfectly with my favorite lime crime lipstick! The thick black chain pairs so wonderfully with the the red retrolite. 

How adorable is the little deer featured on the oval locket? This is a fully-functioning locket so you can place any photo inside and keep it close to your heart. 


I got far too excited when I found the Skull and Bone bracelet online as I have the necklace version in this style. This baby is solid, chunky and, for skull lovers, a must have! 

Apples and flowers! More to match with ruby red lips. The retrolite range is fast becoming my favorite style as the colours pop so much on my skin. Now I've linked the Plumeria earrings in black as I've not found the red version online. 


Now it's a little hard to read in this image but this necklace has I Walk The Line printed across the record. If you are a big Johnny Cash fan like myself you NEED this in your collection! 

The Medals necklace is my stand out favorite in this whole set! The red and silver combination is so classic and really makes a statement. This style paired with low cut black tops and dresses - divine! 


The soft pale blue colour of the retrolite adds an almost nautical feel with this double star necklace.

The green of the Bourquet is super bright, bold and pairs wonderfully with my red hair. 


A must-have necklace for those with a passion for snapping, the rockware Camera is awesome! This style is a 2 Fer which means you can wear it long or wrap it around twice to make it shorter.

Sweetness and skulls all in one! I adore these! 

Then lastly we have the Puss 'N' Boots locket with a sweet portrait of the cat himself on the front. Then once you open the locket up you will find a little story hidden within.


Now here is your chance to win one of two necklaces featured in this post  (shown above) I will be selecting two names and each winner will win a Classic Hardware necklace to keep! Just say Deer or Star. 

What are you waiting for?  Enter now!

The Rules

- Write ENTER ME bellow with your choice of necklace and YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS as this will be the only way to contact you if you win.
- You MUST like the Classic Hardware page on facebook
- YOU MUST add my CURVES TO KILL PAGE on facebook!  
- The giveaway begins on now September 27nd and ends October 20th at 11pm EST
- This is open to anyone internationally and within Australia (postage costs will be needed)
- I will pick the winner randomly using a computer generated program.
- Make sure you leave your e-mail address (or I can't contact you) with the words ENTER ME as a comment below or else I can't count your vote.


  1. Enter me for the deer necklace.

  2. I love the Religious medal's rockware, and the Camera rockware necklaces. both are gorgeous, but all are fantastic :D

    1. Hi Sugar! You can only win one of the two necklaces shown at the bottom of the post so the Deer or the Star.

  3. Enter me for the deer necklace please! Thanks :) xx

  4. Enter Me ~ Deer Necklace ~ Thanks :)

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  8. Love Padlock Heart Retrolite Necklace!! <3 I want Deer Necklace!! :) Thank you!!!

    1. and my email is: :)

  9. Enter me for the deer necklace!

  10. Enter Me Star

  11. ENTER ME!
    I like both necklaces : ]

    tara at taraophotos dot com

    Tara O

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    I love the deer necklace. :)
    Liked the facebook pages.
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  17. Enter me please. I love the deer necklace, it's adorable!

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  24. Enter me: the Star necklace for sure, it is stunning.