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Monday, June 17, 2013


Did you know Hell Bunny now make the most awesome selection of swing/circle skirts? Well they do and they are brilliant. 

Available in an assortment of colours, prints and fabrics these skirts are made of the exact same fabrics that you can find many of their dresses in. 

I wanted to do a  review for you guys to help you get the best size and styles available right now from this rocking range of separates. So the awesome Aaron Widyanto and I packed a car full of Hell Bunny skirts and petticoats and went for a fun little photo shoot. 

Now I'm wearing these styles in 3 different sizes and I will give you the rundown on each. 

Belt - Old Torrid sold out. 

This print is perfection. Delicate red roses on a solid white cotton fabric, paired perfectly with my Dita Cardigan. I'm wearing this style in a size XL and it does fit my waist but has a little bit of spare room. My waist measurement jumps from 32 inches to 33 inches on a regular basis so I hope that helps you in your search for the right size. Listed as a size 34 inch waist it's close but still not perfect. 

I've paired this with my white petticoat from Hell Bunny and I think the combination is adorable! I originally wanted a red petticoat to pair with this but I actually like the softness the white adds to this outfit. The white also came in handy with the next skirt I modeled. The petticoat fits nicely underneath this skirt with a flatness at the waist and bulk where you want it. 

I just can't help but show off my underskirt while modeling such items and twirl. You can't forget to twirl in these skirts!!

Pinup Girl Clothing Belt (purchase in store) 

Next up we have a colour combination I bet you never thought you'd see me in - baby blues and pinks oh my! This colour and print is so far from my usual styling but I do adore it! I'm a sucker for anything that features flamingo's and this print has my heart. 

Sadly this is way too big for me so I've had to safety pin it at the back and add my own belt to secure the skirt at the right point on my waist. This skirt is in a size 2xl and is just not the right fit for my measurements.

The size chart listing of waist measurements for this size is 36 - 37 inches and I would say that is rather spot on.

But after wearing this style and print I'm actually loving the bright colours on my skin. I'm going to make an effort to bring more looks like this into my life come summer.

Belt - Old Torrid sold out. 

If you have red hair you know that any shade of green is your best friend and this skirt is my new bestie. The colour is actually a lot darker in reality and the most stunning shade of almost emerald green. Paired with my black petticoat this is my favorite of all the outfits! 

I am wearing this style in a size Large and to quote Goldilocks it's 'Just right' Yes we have a winner! I now need to order every Hell Bunny skirt in a large. 

Paired again with my other Dita Cardigan which is a perfect match for so many of these skirts and prints. 

Have you tried out any of these styles yet or are yet to invest in a few skirts or petticoats? Tell me what you think of all the new separates and prints bellow. 


  1. I recently got the Hell Bunny Larissa dress in the same flamingo print and I absolutely love it!!!! :) Love the colors on you. I think I'll try to find a cardigan in the colour of your top.

  2. the skirts are amazing! mine eyes! they a) look brilliant on you, and b) the patterns are so fun and summery! i'm going to have to make a mental note about a little bit of tulle under the skirt -- really adds that super cute flare.

    kate x

  3. Hi Teer,

    Those skirts are fantastic!

    Could I ask which park the pictures were shot in?
    It looks like it's somewhere near Clifton Hill/Northcote, but I can't quite pick it :-)


  4. Awesome dresses...looking it online....