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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Short It!

Leopard print - Check! 
Short - Check! 
Super Cute - Double Check! 

It's  that time of year again when you want to slip into some really cute shorts and I've found the most amazing pair from Torrid

Now I'm a short addict. I have black, blue, grey, bright red and super shinny black shorts in my collection but when I saw these adorable leopard print short shorts I needed them asap!

These were super tight when I received them but luckily I lost a small amount of weight and they are a now the perfect fit. I'm wear them in a size 12US and they have a small amount of stretch. At the moment with my Lilly white legs I'm not game enough to wear these one their own so I paired my shorts with my amazing new stockings from Yours Clothing. 

These are such cute stockings and it's great to finally be able to find printed, garter and sexy stockings that come in sizes bigger than One Size Fits All. These are the size 16-20 and they are a good fit though as you can see a little loose around my knees ad they have a lot of stretch. They are also really great if you are tall which can be an issue for a lot of women. 

These awesome shorts are available in sizes 12 to 24. If you want these to be a little looser or are unsure of fit I'd advise you to go up one size larger for comfort.

Thanks to the dream team - Lucky and Rice for snapping these shots of me!


  1. I love shorts. There is nothing more comfy to wear!

  2. I love the shorts, torrid as well> I really do need those tights though!!

  3. Those shorts look amazing on you! I wish I could pull off shorts, I always think I look so awkward in them.

  4. Yes, they are super cute, but also sexy. Good choice! :)