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Friday, April 13, 2012

Torrid Forward

What you only wear your swimsuits to the beach?

What if you don't go to the beach all that often?

Well then you're like me! I own 7 bathing suits and 2 bikini's but I rarely go swimming and although you might find this a bit crazy but I actually love wearing my swimsuits as bodysuits!

I've always loved bodysuits as I wear a lot of high waisted or form fitting garments and having a secure and fitted suit helps for clean lines and sometimes a little extra suck me in power.


Black Chiffon Crochet Yoke Button-Up Top
Black Halter One-Piece Swimsuit
(SOLD OUT) - $68.50
Torrid Denim - Deep Purple Sophia Skinny Jeans
- $58.50
Coral Suede System Heels
- $39.50

Head to toe, shoes and clutch bag all Torrid! Steering away just briefly from my usual pinup look I had a specific idea style wise when I put in my order. I then crossed my fingers and hoped that I'd picked everything right and you can see by the final result it really worked!


This swimsuit is amazing, I'm so sorry it's sold out but for US residents maybe race into your local store and ask if there are any available to purchase still. It sucks you in and 'm wearing a size 0 and it's very form fitting, so upsize if you want a little more room. The peak'a'boo bust is perfection, I loved the fit and the cheeky skin shown.

I paired this with the sheer shirt which would also rock on the beach if you are looking to cover up a little. This is the smallest size and has heaps of room when done up. The elastic in the sleeve is rather tight though and after wearing this for a short time it left a mark in my forearm. I've got rather small forearms and wrists so it must be unusually tight.


Purple skinny jeans - yes please!! I've got a pair of purple skinny jeans already in my closet but I really love this shade as it seems to pop a little more. These fit perfectly in a size 12 like most of my Torrid skinnies and they are perfectly fitted at the ankle. To break up the outfit a little more I'm wearing my favorite Fellon leather belt and my Shure55 microphone belt buckle.

I had to choose coral shoes to go with the purple jeans they are a match made in heaven!


Rock Rebel - Black Stud Clutch
- $29.50

This clutch rocks! I can't explain how much I love this rock'n'roll little number! It's a great larger sized clutch so you can fit all your essentials in and pair this with pretty much anything! The studded features give it a real rock chic feel and it is also available in hot pink.


Coral Suede System Heels - $39.50

These coral pumps are deeeeeeelish! I've never owned a pair of shoes in this colour but now I'm 100% sold on it! That much so I purchased a coral lipstick this week! Like a majority of shoes for Torrid these are wide width so I ordered one size down. They fit a little tight but when worn for a while they shaped to my foot.

Photography by Michael Alesich from Lucky and Rice.


  1. Wow, that's very clever! haha. Using the Swimsuit?? I never had imagined that!!. It's a shame I don't have one...Well, I have one but it's very ugly because it's specially made for swimming. So, I don't think I could do that. But you look really great =O.

    I have a question about your hair. Which dyeing product do you use? and Which color? I have been dyeing my hair since December to get a redish color but my natural hair is almost black. I don't know if I should keep trying to get a beautiful red color (my hair is half red, half dark red) or if I should get back to my almost black hair.


    1. I've been doing it for years to get a lot more wear out of them ;)

      My hair I do myself just using a packet Schwarzkopf Billiance colour called Hypnotic Red.

      I use to have black hair but I got it stripped a few years back and this is the result of putting this colour over honey/light brown after using it for a few years. I also went orange last year really briefly so I'm trying to get that shade out as it poked through sometimes.

      Black needs to be stripped to go a good red really. But my colour looks different in each image really.

  2. My god -- do you know how to sell clothes. Just placed an order for the jeans and the bag. I had tried on the swimsuit in store before Viva but alas, not a good fit for me. Thanks for the blog post!

  3. I know, Teer sells clothes so well! She should be snapped up by more clothes companies. I check out all the products she blogs. Teer makes the look soooo good :)

    1. Best comment EVER! Hands down and screen shot taken ;)