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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Von Follies - Sexy in all sizes!

Last night I was lucky enough to attend the amazing Target Von Follies Runway show featuring designer, creator and goddess Dita Von Teese.

Image Source - Herald Sun

Now I was nearly going to miss out on this fantastic event but as luck would have it Dita was gracious enough to give me two tickets to the show! As we walked in to the space I was giddy, so excited to see the show. I've seen many runway shows before but this one was different! To our surprise when we arrived in our seats we were in the front row!

I actually went to the casting call for this show and walked for the panel in my underwear baring my bouncing bits and tattoos. So I knew just how amazing these models were going to be in advance and I was not disappointed.

Now I'm not a photographer but here are some of the shots from my perspective. At the end of this post I've added more press shots from the Herald Sun and Fashionising.




The show was stunning and an absolute triumph for Dita! Featuring models of different shapes and sizes, different races and skin colours it was a mixture of beautiful and inspiring women.



Dita designed her range so that women of all shapes and sizes could feel amazing about themselves. She did not limit her choice of runway models to standard size 8 or bellow but provided us with a sea of all shapes, sizes and curves. With many plus size models of a size 12/14/16 you could identify with how the lingerie would look on your own body. Seeing such curves on the runway made me overwhelmed with pride!





Seeing all of these amazing women strut, bounce and walk perfectly down the runway was absolutely inspiring. So many stunning bottoms to view from my vantage point and in the sheer lace, polka dots and fishnet - oh my they were even more amazing!

Now to the fashion!

Each set in this range was absolutely lush. With delicate fabrics, lace, embroidery and satin quilting. Models were styled with some items from Dita's own collection, lace masks by Laura Kranitz, top hats, stockings by Secrets In Lace , props (I loved the whips) lounge wear by Palace Costume and Jewelery from Ben Amun .

I've written about all my favorite items in my previous two posts but I have to say seeing all these items in the flesh only cements my love for this collection and makes my wishlist longer.

My stand out favorite accessories where the shoes by Christian Louboutin *swoons* and the amazing collection of capes and capelets!

My favorite looks from the show :

Images bellow Sourced from - Herald Sun

Images bellow sourced from Fashionising - Photographer Kelly Dehna

Dita's next range will be expanding the size/cup range so I can't wait to find out more information. The styles above as shown by these stunning plus size models are in sizes 16-20C, D and DD. The plus size models were a mixture of girls from Bella Model Management and BGM and they rocked that runaway!

You can purchase this range in store and via the website.

It was also lovely to see so many familiar faces in the crowd and bump into many friends. I also had the honor of briefly meeting Melanie Greensmith of Wheels & Dollbaby. Then bump into and chat to Natalie Wakeling, Darrianne Donnelly from BGM and her amazing models Kavita and


Melanie and Kavita of BGM backstage


  1. I enjoyed it last night as well. Amazing styling, and such beautifully feminine pieces. I can't wait to start collecting my favorite pieces.
    What a lucky girl you are to have been in the front row!

    1. I'm going to get as much as I can! I want it all but the suits wont fit sadly! Everyone was there it was really like a lovely dressed up to the 9's catch up =D

      My date and I did a little high five when we figured out where we were sitting - daggy yes!

  2. So gorgeous! Totally dreamy collection. <3

  3. Very jealous and the girls look amazing. I would've flown over if I had the money.

    I bought the red lace and leopard print sets and I adore them!

  4. How I wish I could have been there! I want ALL the sets that come with the 6 straps ;-) I bought the blue & black bustier with the matching knickers and it's great - now I REALLY want that overwire bra - in the black and quite possibly the blush too. SO amazing. Isn't Dita such a doll? :-D

    You're so lucky you got front row seats - that would have been so ace!

  5. It is a delight to see models at a 'regular' fashion show being larger than a twig, but I'm still very disappointed that despite the sizes up to 20 (bottoms and bra back), the cups only go up to DD.

    Given that research has shown nearly 40% of Australian women wear DD or BIGGER, and size 20 women have, in some proportions, larger chests, this is fairly restricting. I'd be so happy to get my hands on this range (despite the distributors being a major, evil corporation), but I'd be left (not for the first time) with unmatched bottoms and tops.

    I for one am waiting for the next range, rumoured to be up to a G cup. In the mean time I'll keep ordering from overseas stores which are affordable and fit me at a 16-18F/FF.

  6. I wish to live there... It's only in my country where finding beautiful underwear is impossible!
    Such a great show!

  7. Ohh this looked like it would have been fabulous to attend, I wish I could have been there!

  8. Amazing! Im drooling over all the shawls, capes, and robes!