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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Von Follies by Dita has arrived!

Just a super fast post to tell you Von Follies by Dita Von Teese is available to purchase online and in store right now at Target . Australia pinups it is now your time to go crazy and buy up big!!

This is only for Australian Target and Australian residents - click here to see the full range.


  1. I bought two sets this monring. Contemplating what else I want. The toss up is always practical versus pretty.

  2. I'm quite annoyed with the collection. I went this morning to check it out. I'm glad that they have sizes for larger girls 16 and above but like always I fall in the middle were I'm a size 12 but E-F cup. Only 2 styles available in that size and one of them I don't like at all! I don't like leopard print. I'm happy that big girls are getting more noticed but annoyed that once again the middle range ladies are falling between the cracks. Could find my size anyway and I was there at 9am on the dot. :(

    1. I feel exactly the same. I'm a 12E and didn't find anything that would come close to fitting. That's typical target there for you though...


  3. I was excited for this release having heard about it but I hadn't seen any photos until I went into target yesterday. Very disappointing. The styles are nothing special that you wouldn't already see in a typical lingerie store. There is too much beige- its not pretty at all! I am also confused as to why they were more expensive in store than advertised online? Let down. The only decent thing about this is that the range caters for larger ladies, but I've seen Teer model far more beautiful undergarments on this blog from other designers.