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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Theatre Dejazet

Presenting the scrumptious new range 'Theatre Dejazet' from Wheels & Dollbaby. This collection is full of my most lusted after key pieces - pencil skirts, elegant knitwear (a new colour way of the Dita will be coming soon in Navy Blue!) and figure hugging cocktail dresses.


'Australian label Wheels & Dollbaby's most recent collaboration with internationally renowned photographer Ellen Von Unwerth has culminated in a fantastically evocative and striking set of images that perfectly fuses the brand's aesthetic with Von Unwerth's famously glamour charged glossy signature style.

The instantly recognizable Wheels & Dollbaby glamour and edge is evident throughout the sophisticated new season pieces - constructed variously from sleekly tailored leather, diaphanous Silk, French lace and an arresting floral print with a chinoiserie feel.

Key pieces include a chic leather corset dress boned and designed to envelope the curves completely with the addition of Italian Ponti Knit panels, the highly structured French Lace Cocktail "Gigi" dress lined with silk and reams of gathered English tulle and a sassy story of "Le Pirate Girl" inspired styles, incorporating vintage hand dyed lace, gold button trimmings and swashbuckling details.

Another highlight is the exquisitely elegant "Jolie Bow" picnic dress, a delicate confection of bow embroidered tulle with a full skirt, puffed sleeves and complete with a matching scarf and slim velvet belt to complete the look.'


Credits :

hair : Seb Bascle @ Artlist Paris
make-up: Steven Canavan @ Jedroot Paris
manicurist: Kamel @ B-Agency
model brown hair: Roxane Glineur @ citymodels
model blond hair: Sissel

Delicate prints, ultra feminine shapes and amazing new vibrant floral prints to make your heart swoon!

The pirate styles are my stand out favorites in this collection. I love the antique lace and ruffles paired with strong military structure of the garments. This jacket is high on my lust list!


A corset black leather pencil dress you say? Yes please! As we head into Autumn this dress will be perfect nights out on the town. Pair this with your highest hottest pair of shoes and simple accessories or wear one of the many knitwear items on offer at Wheels & Dollbaby.


A life without lace is a life not worth living. A flirty, super sexy party dress with the most amazing lace detail that I wish I had the body to wear!

Now this is just a small taste of what is on offer, from new faux fur stoles, to more stunning cardigans, floral prints, scarfs etc. Check out all the new items on available now or for preorder here!

I love Ellen Von Unwerth work and I've always admired how she captures beauty and creates stories. From the iconic big name brand campaigns to her editorial work I'm always blown away with the images she creates.

P.s I've been shooting a lot these last two weeks so I will have a my first outfit post up tomorrow.



  1. Thanks Teer! I've always been too scared to look at Wheels & Doll Baby... I know you said their cardigans would fit a size 14, but what about the dresses (non stretchy)?

    1. I've not worn their dresses due to the limited bust space but I will go up to the store next month and try on so stuff.

      The cardigans fit a size AU 14, 16 and even sometimes a 18 depending on the style. I wear a dita in a 14.

      The dresses however I have no personal experience with. If I was to buy anything other than a carid I would wear it in a 16 and be weary of my large bust in these styles.