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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shoe Lust - The Result

A year ago I wrote a short post showing the designs for an upcoming range of Too Fast shoes - Shoe Lust.

I was keen to see the results and get my hands on one of the final products so I picked the pair that suited my style and wardrobe the best.


Spineless Anatomy Heels - $60.00US

I chose this style because of the print and the heel. It's not exactly like the original concept drawings but I do like the end result. The shoe is very comfortable but a slightly big fit. I'm wearing these in a size 10US but I've had to use two pairs of insoles to make them fit me perfectly. I would actually like to try them in a size 9 at some point for a more perfect fit.

The heel is very high but easy to walk and dance in. I've had no tumbles or issues with these at all. The heel measures at 5 inches with a 1 inch platform.

Too fast created 12 shoe designs based on the original artwork and you can see and compare the styles/designs here.

Many thanks to Rom Anthonis who shot this image. Check out his website and facebook page.


  1. Those are awesome but I like the original ones by Dsquared better. Of course, price-wise these are much more affordable!

  2. Super cute! The heel is really amazing!

  3. These shoes are hot! Great to find a fellow Melbourne blogger : )


  4. Your hair is amazing! What do you do to get it such a nice color of red?:))

  5. awesome boots! I'm thinking of buying a pair (with zombies). How wide they are? My feet are wider when average so I'm a little confused.

    Inside and Outside Blog

  6. I've got a standard size foot and these are too wide for me. But they are not a wide with shoe though. So they might be a little small or maybe even perfect not sure sorry.

    The zombies are so cute!

  7. You just brought the "killer" in killer heels! I just bought some saba shoes online so I don't think I'll be getting something similar soon. You look lovely by the way...