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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Torrid Skinnies

If there is one thing I'm 100% certain of it is that I love skinny jeans from Torrid. They fit curves perfectly, come heaps of different colours and leg lengths and really seem to be the perfect jeans for me. So whenever I get the chance to get a new pair or jeans I don't think of any other company but Torrid.

Right now as I've mentioned I'm on a little bit of a colour kick, so I've decided to pack my black Tripp jeans away most of the week and try out my two new favorite colours. I gave into some deep red skinnies and a dark purple shade that nearly borders on navy.


Jester Red Skinny Jean -$48.50US

I'm wearing these in a size 12 and they are a perfect fit. The waist sits rather mid rise so you have no unwanted underwear showing when you sit and I rarely have to pull them up.


I adore this colour so much they go with absolutely everything in my wardrobe. I dress them up or down but always with high heels!

My step father was cleaning his bike when I was shooting so I though hey lets put something shinny in the background.

T.U.K. - Black And Turquoise Leopard T-Strap Leather Heels (Medium Width) - $110.00US

Possibly the funkiest shoes in my closet right now! T.U.K I find are always spot on for size in this style. They are cute, comfy and stand out ! The 5" heel with 1" platform is easy to wear, I find these really comfortable. My favorite feature other than the bright blue leopard print is the adorable heart on the inner heel. These shoes as all items in this blog can be purchased for Torrid and they also come in gold! The medium width means that they are a standard width apposed to the wide style shoes that are available via website.


Source of Wisdom - Purple Virtual Stretch London Skinny Jean - $48.50
Shoes - Wittner

I did not notice these were pull on jeans until they arrived but it does not stop me form loving them. I'm usually not a fan of pull on/jeggings but these other than lacking in a zip have pockets, buttons and all the trimmings. The colour is dark purple almost navy blue and they sit a little lower than the red pair. I would love to get these in any other colours in the future. These are a size 0 and fit me like a second skin as you can see.

I do love how these fit around the calf/ankle more than the red pair. When I wear skinnies I like them to be skinny all the way down.

Next on my Torrid Jeans Wishlist:

Torrid Denim - Cobalt Blue Skinny Jeans
- $48.50US

As you can see I want to go bigger and brighter with my next pair of jeans! I love the though of clashing colours with shoes while wearing this jeans. I'd wear cobalt blue with the pink skinnies and a bright orange pump with the blue pair!

Thank you to Michael Alesich from Lucky and Rice for coming over and snapping these shots for me! Click on the link above and check out the Lucky and Rice for more work.


  1. hot damn. I need some new jeans and been wanting to try Torrid's. I need a high rise for my booty and hot pink skinnies sound awesome!

  2. You would ROCK the pink skinnies!!! I can so see you in them honey. We can be twins I put an order for them :P

  3. those are definitely hott!

  4. I wish I could pull off pants as well as you do, I just look so awkward in them! I am so loving the red pair though!

  5. You could pull off pants honey! Modeling has just made me know how to cheat and pose my tooshie off :P

  6. Wowzas, you look amazing in these jeans! I have a few pair of skinny jeans and initially I didn't think I would care for them but I do, I've never tried anything but dark blue or black skinny jeans though. I know I won't look half as stunning as you do in them.

    I love the shoes as well, I love the color in the first pair.


  7. Why are you pulling at your shirt in every picture?
    I really don't like those jeans on anybody. Torrid is the worst with jeans.

  8. Why? So as not to stand straight up and down and look boring, it's just what I do.

    Nikki you have your opinion and I have mine. I love my torrid jeans.

  9. love them! the colors are great, i've yet to try torrid jeans because the shipping to europe is like a whole new pair of jeans, but well maybe one day :)