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Friday, October 28, 2011

City Chic - Lingerie Review

The first moment I saw the stunning selection of Lingerie released by City Chic I made grabby hands at my computer screen. The shapes, colours and fabrics had my heart thumping and I knew I needed to slip into these amazing pieces and show the world how much they rock!

As luck would have it my fabulous friend, fellow blogger and amazing photographer was in town recently so we teamed up to showcase the fit and look of the new range. We have always wanted to shoot together and we had an absolute ball!

So we created a little editorial, the back drop: the fantastic hotel she was staying at for the weekend. All images by Danielle Melnyczenko from and as you can see they are not airbrushed. This is the real me.

Now down to the nitty gritty of fit.

Now, I'd never purchased any underwear items, bra's or shapewear from CC before so I stuck with the sizes I though would work and I'm over the moon with the fit! I can be a variety of sizes when it comes to bras and briefs ranging from a 14DD or E to a 16DD to an E but in City Chic's lingerie line I'm a 16DD and a 14 on the bottom.

This whole set together can only be described as VaVa Voom! The high waist knickers and waist cincher and the balconette bra create the most flattering shape I think I've worn in years!

Image Hosted by

This set will make you feel like an absolute knockout. The corset has garters that you can attach to thigh high stockings but I've taken them off for this shoot.

The cup is perfect and leaves nothing out or to the side. The straps are thick but not too thick which is perfect for most of the strappy dresses in my wardrobe. It pushes the girls up and out and that is the number one thing I look for in a great bra!

I'm wearing this on the tightest hooks and it comfortable and roomy around the back.

Image Hosted by

The high waist knickers are fantastic! They suck you in and go right up to the underbust creating that a very sexy curve which is them amplified with the cincher worn over the top!

Image Hosted by

I just had to sneak a few extra images in this post as it was really hard to choose from all the brilliant shots Dani took!

Image Hosted by

A more relaxed fit bra in a fuller classic shape covering most of the breast with a little hint of cleavage. This is the kind of bra I'd wear with higher cut tops and more relaxed garments. At first I thought it was a little to small but with a proper adjustment of the straps it became perfect. This is comfortable enough to wear every day and the lace and dots make it far too cute.

Image Hosted by

In all honesty these bras, all 3 are a perfect fit and this is hard to come by when trying a new brand or style.

The matching high waist brief are perfect to wear also if the classic form of shapewear is a little too much for you. They hit above the belly button and flatten the tummy. Perfect for wearing with lower rise jeans or high waist skirts.

Image Hosted by

Just a peak of the Coco showing in this shot but a close up of the pleather detail on the City Chic Trench Coat. This style sadly is not longer in stock but if you find it at an outlet (this was from the Docklands store) snap it up! The shape this coat gives you is perfect!

Image Hosted by

Paris Contour Bra - $69.95AU
Paris Boyleg brief - $39.95AU
Sequin Jacket - Photographers Own

Bright, playful and too cute for words! A very similar fit to he Fifi and the fabric is so soft and smooth to the touch. Whenever I wear this and the Fifi I swear I check myself out a whole lot more they both make the most amazing shape bust and I love the effect!

Image Hosted by

The boyleg briefs are just as soft and smooth though I'm not sure exactly where they should sit on my hips. For me they can either sit right on my hips or be pulled up to the waist. They don't have the slimming effect of the other two briefs as they are more of a relaxed style. I think they look great on the behind as well.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

I've fallen in love with Danimezza's jacket and lipstick if you can't tell by these shots. Maybe there is room for sequins and pink in my future?

You can see more images via her blog found here


  1. Gorgeous!! I agree it's a great range. :)

  2. Wonderful review Teer, and AMAZING pictures! You and Danielle make an awesome team! :) x

  3. You are a true inspiration Ms Wayde - and as per usual, looking AMAZING!!
    Love the shapewear!

  4. Thank you so much girls!! ♥

    I swear if they made the shapewear in every colour under the sun I'd be broke but happy.

  5. I'm so pleased you didn't airbrush. You look amazing naturally. It gives me confidence in myself to see someone close to my size looking so sexy. :D

    Awesome photography and modelling!

  6. I NEED that pink set in my life!!!

  7. i love everything! i dont think they released anything in america yet but im waiting and watching!

  8. great review! you look amazing. i love the pink polkadotten pair.


  9. Wowzas, look at you! Work it girly!

    I am loving all this lingerie especially the first set.


  10. Meravigliosa in Lingerie. .
    Wearing that lovely Lingerie You're as Beautiful as a Masterpiece of Art !
    Ciao dall'Italia
    Greetings from Italy by fellow Artist Aurè

  11. Beautiful!

    Also I wanted to say that Although I'm not a size 14 or above.
    I'm a size 12, due to my scoliosis and an ample bust I'm a size 14F on top.
    you posts are great because they show me bra's I can actually wear!

    also you look gorgeous!

  12. A guys thank you!!!

    I can't rave enough about these bras, they are amazing.

    Jenera I'm also a fan of Dimity So they have some brilliant bras for those under a size 16.


  13. CUUUUUTE!! Love the first set soo much...!!

  14. Teer, *le sigh* I love you. You are totally my girl crush!

  15. wow... what a body!!!!! BANGING.


  16. I love this post. Teer, you are such a beautiful woman and a wonderful example to all women as you not only show us that curves are beautiful and healthy but you show women how to love their bodies the way they are. I for one, have been influenced greatly by you. Thank you xx

  17. Wow I love this shoot! :D
    I have that first set, it is bloody amazing.
    Thanks for sharing! xx

  18. Wow! I'm going to have to go in and get a set of the Fifi underwear for myself. They're sensational!

    I love the way you promote women with shape, Teer - but you already know that. :)