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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hell Bunny Plus

I've featured Hell Bunny twice now and I just wanted to update you guys on the new extended sizes now available through Hell Bunny Stockists!

In my last feature I went into a little more depth about fit, sizing for my own measurements and shape so you can read all that information here : Previous Hell Bunny Feature

Full Size Chart :
  • · Size XS: chest 32", waist 26",
  • · Size S: chest 34", waist 28",
  • · Size M: chest 36", waist 30",
  • · Size L: chest 38", waist 32",
  • · Size XL: chest 40.5", waist 34"
  • · Size XXL: chest 41.5" WAIST 35"
  • · Size XXXL: 42.5"chest 37" WAIST
  • · Size XXXXL : 43" chest 38" WAIST
Here are just a few of the dresses available up to a size 4x more can be found via the plus size folder on the facebook fan page. If you ask them via the fanpage they will tell you your nearest stockist too which is brilliant customer service!

May Day Dress

Vanda Dress

Motley 50's dress in Red

Geisha 50's Dress

The following styles (sorry I don't have images for them but you can find them via their facebook page) go up to a size 4x (size 22UK). Please note some styles I could not find via the facebook page so I've linked directly of a suppliers site.

Ginham 50's Dress
Vanda Dress
Isobel 50's Dress
Charlie 50's Dress
May Day Dress - Black
Motley 50's Dress
Leona Dress
Sea Sick Sue Dress
Mina Dress
Roxanne Dress
Vanity Dress
Vonnie 50's Dress
Geisha 50's Dress
Fortuna Dress
Lynda Dress - Can't find online
B-Movie 50's Dress
Vera Dress
Tattoo Flocked Dress
Dixie 50's Dress
Gery 50's Dress
Hawaii 50's Dress


  1. Gorgeous clothes. But the idea of calling something with a 43" bust a 4XL really gets up my nose. If it was a 53" bust then ok but as it is...madness.

  2. It's a great start but yes I think more companies need have fit models then grade up from there.

    Stunning designs though and given the halter styles they accomodate lots of larger busts.

  3. I am so excited about this, my bank account, not so much! :P

  4. Gorgeous dresses. Didn't knew they made dresses like these! I loved them all. In fact the first dress is very similar to a 50's dress I have, almost the same model and pattern.

  5. These are gorgeous. I'd be really scared to take the chance of buying one being uncertain how it would fit my bust and hips which are a pain to fit. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Honeysucklle honey the swing dress style means you don't have to worry about your hip measurements as its is a loose skirt!

    The stats on this size chart just refer to the general measurements of the brand. So just go by your bust and waist!


  7. is there one website that sells all the dresses? most that I can find only set the mini versions :(

  8. They don't have a direct store but they sell all over the world both online and instore.

    If you click the link to my previous post you can find some great stores

    Or altenatively you can ask them directly what dress you are after and where to get it in your area online etc.

  9. =) Thanks for the post on our plus size range!!
    Thought I'd let you know, we have a size 3XL fit model =) + always check our styles on here before going ahead with the rest of the sizes. And she's great with letting us know which styles she thinks do/don't work on larger sizes. Speaking models are so much better than mannequins ;-)!
    From feedback, we do need to include more styles with 2 straps as well as halternecks, but the halter styles do seem to work quite well even on 3XL!


  10. I have already purchased the Geisha dress and although the measurements say it will fit a 43" bust and 38" waist, the one I bought has lots of extra give due to the fact it has a stretch piece of the back of the dress for an easier fit.
    I'm a size 51" Bust and 44" waist and I had room to spare with the geisha dress.

    I absolutely love it, its so flattering for me as I'm top heavy. Thank you to Hell Bunny for dresses that I can feel confident in!

    Looking forward to buying more :)

    I purchased mine from "That shop" on FB. Big range

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  12. I have to say, I went into a stockist in London recently, and I tried on a BUNCH of Hellbunny dresses (about 6 styles including the mayday, Vanda and Geisha)
    My measurements are bust 46" and waist 38" (although I'm traveling and may have lost a bit of weight, but not TOO much I can assure) and the XL was roomy on me. I'm not quite sure how that works, although a few styles have an elasticated back, but I would STRONGLY suggest sizing down in these styles I tried on about 6 styles in XL and they ALL were VERY roomy on me.
    But really cool dresses REALLY great quality.
    I bought the charlie 50's dress in Large believe it or not, its pretty snug, but that's kind of how I prefer to wear these dresse3s, more body hugging.

  13. I've got two new styles and the XL in one is a snug fit but he other standard halters are very roomy and need to size down.

    I just know what I wear and go by the size charts. Tailors are my best friend when garments are too big.

    I've shrunk a little recently to so sizing with my body is all over the place :P

  14. Hello! I am just deciding on buying my first Hell Bunny dress and I have some problems with the size guide... My waist is 33" and my bust is 42". What size would you recommend for me? I was thinking about buying either a size 14(L) or size 16(XL).
    Please help!

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  17. Where does hell bunny find the models? How does one go about looking for a career with this?

    1. You would need to contact them directly. They have a set group of models based in the UK. But I shoot new stock each season for them.

      As for a career in this industry this is the best thing to read prior to starting out. Then once you've come to your conclusion try to submit to local agencies.