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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Torrid & T.U.K Review

To follow up my last Torrid giveaway I wanted to showcase some of my favorite pieces in a shoot. I have a few more items to showcase but that will be later on in the month.

Torrid I've found are really great for denim, I love my skinny jeans like crazy so I wanted to share these brilliant black jeans.

Image Hosted by

Trip Black Skinny Twill Pant (sizes x-short - x-tall) $48.00US

Perfect fit, lots of stretch in the fabric and they very smooth and soft. I've had my eye on these for so long and I now live in them! What sold me originally is the tiny little skull detail on the pockets - small skull rivets are featured throughout the jean.

Rivet Detail

These come in 4 different different leg lengths for all heights - how fantastic is this! I'm wearing these in a size 12 and a short length (they were sold out of my regular leg length) I will need to get a longer leg shortly as they are a little to short for my liking. The are a mid rise which is great.

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I'm wearing the Black Platform Pumps - $57.00US from the DIA DE LOS MUERTOS by T.U.K. The studded clog like base is my favorite look at the moment and these are so very comfortable for a high heel platform. I wore them to a fashion parade, after party and roamed around the city for hours in these shoes and did not hurt my feet in any way. I love the tear drop cute out pattern and the adorable little Tiki head on the inside of the heel. These also come in a hot pink which I will be ordering asap. These will also feature in my next post, that's how much I love them!

I then pair the jeans with this stunning floral wrap top in a size 0, its a very loose, comfortable fit. Its more suited to summer here in Australia as the fabric is very lightweight but I wanted to show just how cute it would look with the jeans. I tied it in front with a bow but it also looks really good with a chunky black waist belt.

Finished off with my favorite necklace right now, I love anything that features a deer/buck head and this necklace really stands out with the addition of a little bling.

Image Hosted by

Torrid Denim - Highwaisted Cuffed Shorts - $38.00US

Finally I have a pair of blue denim high waited shorts! These are just as perfect as my black pair from City Chic. Like most of the torrid branded stretch denim these are really comfy, fit perfectly and when worn with heels look fantastic! The do really loosen up after a full day's wear though but I fixed this with a wash and tumble dry. I'm wearing these in a size 12.

My last outfit is my a mixture of the exclusive Lucky 13 range available online only and the regular Torrid line.

LinkImage Hosted by

Charcoal Benglaine Pencil Skirt (only avaliable in black now) - $19.97
Lucky 13 Bow off Shoulder Top (shown in white, size 0 left) Black available here - $48.00

Sadly these colours are not online anymore (the skirt was a sale item) but they do have both items available in black. When I saw these two items I already had this outfit in mind. I could have a closet full of pencil skirts and still add more as they are perfect to dress up or down. This style has a deep pocket on each hip but as you can see it does not change fit or shape in any way. This style came with a waist belt but it was too big for my waist so I opted not to wear one but I have a whole collection that will match for future wear, I have on a size 12.


The top is super stretchy, though be sure to get the correct size for your chest measurements as it might gape if you buy to small. I'm wearing this in a size 0 which is very fitted but just the way I like it. You can wear the sleeves off the shoulder or hide you bra straps beneath and push it up a little higher on your shoulder. This top is part of the pinup inspired collection called retro chic, click here to see all the items.

Image Hosted by

Then to match with the pinup feel of this outfit my new T.U.K, Platform Heels from the 'ANCHORS AWEIGH' Collection, these are not online yet but I will post a link as soon as they are live. You can find the rest of the line here at T.U.K.'s Online Shop

These are a soft and so comfy! They might look high but due to the thick heel and the platform they are very easy to wear and walk in. They are a larger fit but this will be easily fixed with some insoles. I love the horse shoe cut out feature on the peeptoe, the nautical inspired charm hidden inside the inner heel and the white pipping. These will also be available in red.

This year I'm rather in love with all T.U.K's designs and fit, that much so I'm going to get a few more pairs of the styles I have just so I don't wear them to death!

I also got the best wallet ever! The Iron Fist Arm Off Wallet - $22.00US This the best wallet I've had in years. Its large enough to hold everything I could possibly need and always attracts attention when i pull it out to pay for purchases. Better yet it matches my Wolf-beater Iron Fist Platform Pumps! I would usually have gone for the zombie stomper style but I'm actually liking the wolf more these days.

Do you like our inventive 'cold weather/rain' shoot location? I'm really missing daylight savings now when it comes to shooting for the blog.

Thank you to my rocking photographer Michael Alesich from Lucky & Rice for shooting this with me rain, hail or shine!


  1. you are doing a great service for all females out there... keep it up and i just love those fashions......

  2. I have to say i love that last outfit! It's gorgeous! And the floral top is cute too ^_^

  3. The skinny jeans that you're wearing in the pic-- is that a low rise? I really loved the ones that I had but they no longer carry them. They were a medium rise dark denim stretch skinny jean by Source of Wisdom. The ones they have now have a fade on the thigh that is not flattering. Anyway, is there a good amount of stretch in those black ones? A lot of questions... sorry. Thank you!

  4. ugh i love your legs, i wish i could pull of shorts like you! and the pencil skirt and top very sexy! xoxo

  5. Barbara I wrote in the discription that they are a midrise jean and answered all this information above in detail honey.

    The are Tripp if you click on the links too you can see all of the products up close, real the fabric content etc.

    They are very stretchy so size down always. I wish I could size down in jeans sometimes but there is not 10 in Torrid.

    I always put a great deal of vital info about the product and fit along with me images so be sure to read it all if you have time.


    Thank you guys!

  6. Holy dooley I MUST have that buck necklace! It's ah-may-zing.

    I may not be able to buy torrid's awesome clothing but I can at least hoe into their awesome jewellery range.

  7. Ahhh nuts, $35 just to ship a necklace.
    Too bad I can't add any clothes to make that postage cost worth while.

  8. i love the way torrid shoes look but seriously does every plus size girl wear platform heels...i'm 6 ft with size 11 or 12 wish they made cute shoes with lower heels

  9. Annon these shoes are TUK not Torrid.

    I only wear super high heels its an addiction I'd be 8 foot high if i could :P

  10. I am falling in love with the TUK shoes on Torrid's website, yet a bit cautious about what size to order. You stated they run larger than normal. I normally wear at size 8.5 or 9 (US)...should I buy the 9...I'd rather have room in the shoes than have blisters. Any advise would help.

  11. Hi Amber!

    The TUK shoes on Torrid come in either Medium Width or standard so just buy your regular size (the don't do half sizes sadly)and you should be fine.

    I own lots of pairs and each fits differently and each persons foot is a little different.