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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Who wears short, shorts?

I wear short shorts! I'm sorry but I had to do it, what else would have worked with such a post?

I've been looking at shorts for 2 summers now and I've always been hesitant about actually wearing them. Its the usual girly image battle will my legs be ok, will my butt look good, will small children run in fear?

Well this year I'm biting the bullet and I would like to introduce you to my first pair of shorts!

As soon as I saw these Black High Waisted Shorts - $69.65 (only indigo can be found as well online) at City Chic and I knew that they needed to be mine. As soon as I slipped them on I discovered they are pretty much perfect for my shape, I'm wearing a size 14.

Now I know that as a plus size woman the concept of shorts is rather daunting. I read so many women on facebook saying that these were too small that they would never wear them as they hated their legs. Well I don't love my legs either ladies, I have all the lumps and bumps everyone one else has and yes cellulite.

So my advice for wearing shorts is :
  • Wear them with killer heels - They elongate your legs and shorts need this.
  • Don't wear them with flats if you are not 100% comfortable with your legs.
  • If you feel the need to cover up a little more add Opaque stockings or Fishnets
  • Find a pair that are a comfortable length for you.

Now onto the rest of my outfit! This is my favorite top at the moment (size XL), I only got it last month now I want a version in white and in red! The Doris Top -$52.00 from Pinup Girl Clothing is perfection in top form. I might buy a size smaller in the other colours as this is really roomy. I also picked up these vintage inspired sunglasses to finish off the look from the same site for $18.00. They are sold out online but there are many cute pairs in the Sunglasses section

These shots were taken by my lovely friend Michael Alesich from Lucky and Rice. He is a brilliant photographer and I'm so happy he is able to help me out by showing off the garments!

I was also mentioned in City Chic's blog, so please go read it if you have not already written by the wonderful Danimezza!


  1. Great look, you can definitely wear short shorts, you look fantastic!

  2. Wowzas! Wish you were my girlfriend. Damn sexy.

  3. this is Butch007 from DA. I know I haven't been good about staying in touch on the project I was talking about, but things have been a little hectic for me over here across the ocean.

  4. Shorts... I always loved them, especially when I was a size 12. Now, I need shorts in size 16 and I still do wear them. So what if others think my legs are a bit on the thick side but I was never a model and it doesn't bother me at all! Right now I'm looking for some leather killer shorts that I could rock all year round. I'm a thrift-store person and I'm looking high and low but so far every pair that I liked was too small. Well, I won't give up :P. You look gorgeous in shorts and your legs are so SEXY (oh, you are all very sexy, but we all know that ;) ). My secret for rocking shorts are not buying a very tight fit because it kinda makes our legs look thicker, dunno, at least I think so :/. I used to love my jeans shorts for summer but after seeing some pictures of myself in them where the legs show very well, I'm not as confident as I was before. I know now why my mother used to say they don't look as good on me as I imagine... They are a bit too tight-fitted for my legs :/.

  5. I bought a pair of shorts the start of this year from City Chic! I tried on a few pairs until I found the ones I liked (they are the silk/satinish ones). My main problem is, that seeing as I don't wear shorts, I odn't know how to style them! I did wear them out shopping last week. My boyfriend actually commented saying "You're wearing shorts! In the whole 5 years we've been together, i've never seen you wear shorts".

    You rock those shorts, and look at those pins! You have GREAT legs! Totally loving that top too!

  6. Alinoolis Pupavichius - You would rock leather shorts - don't give up!!!!

    Natalie - I was looking at those shorts too but I'm such a sucker for high waist styles. How great is the range at cc! I want more!

  7. Hooray for short shorts!! You absolutely rock them! :D

  8. Your legs look smoking in those shorts! very sexy look!

  9. I love shorts. It took a while but now I find them so easy to wear.

  10. They look really great! Definitely agree about wearing them with heels - makes them a bit more glam too and not just casual and boring. :-)

  11. You look fantastic! Don't make these your last pair of shorts. You should have them on all the time. You look amazing!

  12. wow you look amazing!! your are my official new idol lol

  13. I'm am thinking of purchasing the doris top and my measurements are 41-33-43 5'2" I'm an XL in the Vamp tops with not much room to spare. Is this quite a lot larger or should i size down to a large? :)

    1. Hi Sugar,

      We basically have the same stat's so I'd stick with an XL I wear the same in a vamp and I find it a tad roomy but the arms are a small fit.