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Monday, October 18, 2010

What she wore - Carmakoma Review

A while back I showed my favorite items from Carmakoma , I adore their online store so much and really wanted to know how they would look on my shape.

So I browsed the stunning new stock and picked two items to slip into a less than a week later a package was at my door - now how is that for shipping!

Carmakoma designs and produces clothes for curvy women in sizes 14-24. Quoted from their facebook page 'Our style is contrasted – a mix of rock’chick coolness and feminine sweetness. The clothes are designed and produced with heartfelt attention – making the final product of high quality and a perfect mix of styles for both the ”cutting edge” fashionista and the woman with the sophisticated weekday-look' I have to say this description is pretty much spot on.

So out I went with the fantastic Michael Alesich (who is brilliant) into the heart of the city and road tested the fantastic designs.

I got Agyness Skirt - EUR 75.21, the Moss Dress - EUR 68.36 and the Rollercoaster Belt - EUR 27.26.

First I slipped on the Moss Dress made from a soft silky jersey size XS I'm wearing this with black tights and the Rollercoaster Belt I also put my favorite bow belt on and it worked very well too. Click on the images for a larger view.

The fit is perfect around the chest, arms and waist. It falls beautifully and i love the details on the shoulders. I must admit this is a little to short for me to wear as a dress but with the right tights you can rock this as a dress or team it up over jeans and wear it as a tunic.

Be sure to check out the multiple was to wear the Rollercoaster Belt on the site as well.

Then for some real rock chic action the Agyness Skirt!

How i love every little detail on this skirt. From the studs, the leather look fabric to the folds and shapes in the fabric. I've never thought about wearing a mini skirt before but I'm actually comfortable in this. Its lined also which is great and I'm wearing a S in this as my hip measurement was a tad to big for the XS. Its a little roomy around the waist but I will get a tailor to take it in during the week.

So I'm very happy with my Carmakoma goodies and I can't wait to slip into some more designs.

Check out the behind the scenes video for their Autumn/Winter 2010 range and follow the blog Carmakoma Blog.


  1. You look gorgeous. I love the dress! So beautiful.

  2. hey honey - i LOVE those gloves that you're wearing. Where are they from?
    and as always you look stunning. :) x

  3. The gloves are from Sportsgirl i got them a year or two ago i think.

  4. you look amazing! where is the studded bow belt from btw?

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  6. I'm sure you're aware of this from your previous comments... but you look amazing... Maybe sometime you could stop by my blog and check out my style... I would love your hear your opinion!!

    Diva in Deep Thought

  7. You sexy bitch!! Great clothes and amazing photos!! Me wants.... <3

  8. you, miss, are SO. STUNNING. i can stop staring at your haircut either :D
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx
    take a peek at my giveaway while you're at it!

  9. Thank you honey, love your blog!!!

    I'd enter that giveaway but I'm in Australia! Darn it!!

  10. of course i'm DYING!!! i need a photog on staff!! hahaha - you're so purdy, i heart you.

    jessica kane