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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Bella Body

I recently wrote about just how vital foundation garments are when your styling an outfit, in my mind they are needed for smooth lines and great shape.

Recently I've been testing Bella Bodies fantastic range and I have to say they are brilliant! Michel Schuhmacher - Creator has designed the most perfect range to cover any outfit and any size.

I've always owned a pair or two of what i tend to call 'suck me in' knickers but until I tried these styles I've never really found my perfect garment. They come in black, white and cream so you can find the perfect one to match whatever you are wearing.

The products I've been testing are the :

The Body Definer - With convertible straps, comes in black/latte/white up to a size 22

The High Control Panty - In S M V and VV. The security bands that attach to the side of your bra is fantastic it does not roll and he bottom has no VPL!

The Body Slip - Perfect for Dresses! In S M V and VV

These are an absolute pleasure to wear and I felt completely comfortable in them after a long day. I have a real hour glass figure and they shrink my waist even more which is great! I love the little features and just how much they hold everything in. The hight of the items really smooths out any bumps as well with some styles covering your bra.

With the warm days we have been having they are really living up to their high standard and are still comfortable and breathable. To buy Bella Bodies click here to see your closest stockist or online retailer - Stockists.

So what do I look like in Bella Bodies? Well please excuse the blurry image but here is a peak. I usually would not show my undergarments but hey I love this product. I am wearing the The Body Definer. I'm wearing a bra in this shot, please not it does not have cups and i need lots of support. I am wearing a size V.


  1. You look so stunning in those - they are looking like a wonderful product and thank you so much for trying some on and showing us. I may have to pick up the definer - not sure just how roomy the VV is but the definer looks like a great range of sizing. Its pretty too!

  2. I never buy shapewear that has a "one cup fits all" type sizing because it just squishes my boobs and gives me no shape at all (ie. nancy ganz) but you don't seem to have that problem with the definer. Does it give good support?

  3. Hi Kathryoh! I'm wearing a bra in the shot. I would not wear this garment without one as i like to have the girls up high. I'd never wear a shapewear garment without one unless it was a perfect push up bra.

    I do have an oddity kind of shape for a plus girl my waist is 10 inches smaller than my hips and 8 inches smaller than my chest. So its just makes it more curvy!

  4. Thanks for the great post! I'm always searching for the right undergarments that will enhance and not entrap my hourglass shape. I will definitely check out the link you've provided. Were I too be so lucky as to look as great as you do in your Bella Bodies!

  5. Teer you look a thousand times better then the model for Bella Bodies. They should use you.
    I just tried a shapewear cami top from Kmart and it's wonderful for a cheapy so I might invest a bit more money and get a Bella because it sounds amazing.

  6. I saw the shapewear in Kmart yesterday, i would have picked it up if i did not have these already!

    Thank you so much, its lovely to hear that i look good even though its just a diy shot in my knickers :P

  7. I'm such a fan of body shapers- i like to think of them as more "enhancers" than shapers- i frequently wear corsets & shapewear under my clothes & I'm closer to a size 10-12, i just love the smooth sihouette you get from them and the nipped waist... purrr!! thesde look great, will have to try them!

  8. BABE!!! I'm so jealous of your hourglass figure!

  9. Nelli my sweet I'm 100% with you, love the shape and its so important to have everything smooth and nipped in. Corsets do wonders under clothing I wish I could wear them all the time.

    Shauna baby!!! You know you are always welcome to it :P

  10. I have found that just cause the shapewear is dear doesnt mean much often cheaper ones are better.belly biz are crap don't waste your money avoid ones with wires or fishbones.I'm wanting to buy a Bella bodies the high waisted panty it looks rest but I hated the body suit it was tight I couldn't breath!

  11. the bras make you look flat and droopy! They are going straight back!

    1. This review was from 7 years ago and the product has changed. They are not 'uplifting' bras in stock more of a comfort around the house crop.