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Friday, October 8, 2010

Miss Renn - Simply Beautiful

I just came across a set of portraits taken of Crystal Renn on Fashion Gone Rouge and this stuck out the most to me.

Now I know someone will most likely complain about me featuring her and if i write the term plus size model all hell will break loose. But sorry in the industry this woman is plus size plain and simple so deal with it.

Why do I love her so much? Because she is a stunning looking woman firstly but she also brings what we need on the runway - Health. She has boobs, curves and weight on her body. She is tall and more slender now yes but put her next to a size 0 model and you will see what I'm talking about. I'd love to see women all Crystal's size on the runway.

She brings forth change no matter how thin or large she may be and that is a fantastic concept to me.

I recently saw a post on an online group where they were talking about big beautiful women. When someone posted a picture of a model who was a size 10 US or possibly at 12US people started complaining because they model was not obese. Really world what is going on?


  1. people are afraid of change , what has been here the whole time. its sad but at the same time, makes u see that people dont like who they are great post

  2. People should love who they are and if they don't change for the better.

  3. You can't win, can you? Either too big or not big enough. If you can't be part of an acceptance movement because you aren't fat enough then it's not really acceptance.

  4. I love her so much! And have to agree 100% with you - we don't need huge girls, and we don't need tiny skeletons, we just need the runways to represent healthy girls regardless of their size!

  5. It drives me nuts, the whole idea of whether someone is "FAT" enough to be accepted as a plus-size model. I appreciate people don't always know or understand the very nature of the fashion industry - but complaining that someone shouldn't qualify because the aren't fat enough does my head in.
    I have never been slim in my life but had someone email me a while back and say something like, you know as one of the "slimmer-fat" bloggers I was lucky... EH??

    Does my head in.

    Crystal is stunning and this is a great portrait highlighting that.

    Thanks for sharing it, Teer.

  6. Crystal is just gorgeous - thank you for posting this! There needs to be more acceptance for plus-sized models most definitely. And there needs to be better definitions - there are so many agencies that say they want 'plus-sized' models, but won't look at anyone over a 10 or 12 - yes they are still plus-sized, but there are gorgeous women over that size too!!