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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What she wore - Pistols & Plaid

I got some goodies in the mail yesterday morning from Hot Topic so I have to show off my 3 favorites from the order all in one outfit. I mainly go their for shoes but this time 2 items (the tee bellow and the belt featured in my previous post) stood out.

A more casual outfit for me today a well cut yet loose fitting Fine Mess Raglan Tee - $12.98US in a 2xl and my city chic black skinny jeans. The jeans you know all about but they tee is so comfy i felt in love with it instantly and it comes in purple too! Its sold out in larger sizes online right now but its always restocked so I will keep my out out if anyone wants one.

I also got these fantastic Ellie Red Plaid Buckle Pumps which you can find via the link or How Cool as they come in 3 other colours/prints. They have 4 inch heel and are so comfy!

This is my usual casual look but I had to test drive the heels but I think it works.

This month is going to be jam packed on this blog. I will be having a giveaway from Classic Hardware and possibly a Halloween themed giveaway. I've also be testing the shapewear from Bella Bodies so my next post will feature the amazing garments they design.


  1. Would love to be able to shop at hottopic but they charge almost $70 postage! My dream shoes are only available there but i can't justify spending more on postage then the shoes! lol

  2. Also I am in LOVE with your hair! love everything about it gorgeous x

  3. I think of it like this if the shoes and the postage are cheaper than what I could buy the items for here in Australia then I give in.

    Thank you honey its taking over my face at the moment - Crazy Fringe! :P

  4. I though I should prove that tees and jeans are a staple in my wardrobe. I only ever shot my more dressed up outfits.

  5. what a great tee shirt! it did remind me i know someone with a tattoo of that...yikes

  6. You know... I just found your blog today and I feel like I'm the last one to get a joke... are you kidding me... your shoes, your risks... I LOVE YOU!!! So now that I've found you... you are now my Aussie Bestie... Because I am loving your style, your shoes, and you bad-ass-ness... I will be around from here on out... and here's hoping you don't think I'm a complete nutjob... *smiles*

    Diva in Deep Thought

  7. Welcome sugar!!! So glad you found me!!


  8. I almost bought this exact shirt several months ago but ended up putting it back. I love how you paired it simply with jeans and those adorable shoes.