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Sunday, July 18, 2010

What she wore..

As I mentioned in my previous post i've sunk into a winter uniform most days with my wardrobe. But today with a little sunshine I found the inspiration to put on a few of my favorite pieces and upload some shots.

Black and white stripe top from Factory (sorry I can't find a website anywhere)

City Chic Diamond Stitch Jeans

My trusty Jay Jays Studded Pleather Jacket (in store only) $39.95AU

Now I love these jeans but they are too big for me sadly so I'm watching the City Chic website like a hawk till they return. They are a size 16 (I'm an XS or a 14 in CC) so there is far to much room at the back and around the lower tummy area. To fix this i usually pop them straight into the dryer after each wash or I wear a waspie like belt over the top.

Black and White Joey O heels - I'm not sure where these can be purchases as a friend picked these up for me in Texas. If you know of the brand please send me a link.


  1. YOU LOOK SO GOOD IN THOSE JEANS! I am inspired to find some that suit me now.

  2. Do it!!!! They are a great cut and the best part you never have plumbers crack.

    Must have in every wardrobe.

  3. Those jeans are beautiful! They look fab on you...I think I might have to purchase those when they come back in stock! :D

  4. Loving this Teer - I have been fixated on stripes lately but am yet to get myself into it and yes those jeans smashing!