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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lazy Saturdays

Its so very cold in Melbourne and i'm living in 3 outfits on rotation. Most of them are hidden by my black studded faux leather jacket but I just wanted to show you guys what i'm walking around in today.

Depending on just how cold it may be I either wear a dress and a cardie, thick tights and mix and match my gloves or high waisted jeans, variety of tops and my favorite jacket. All black today the only colour my hair.

Sportsgirl Crop Black Cardie
- $29.95

Dress worn underneath to act like a skirt - Ginger Tree bought years ago for $10

Jeans West Belt - Bought at a private sale for $2

Review Leather Handbag -$99.95

Studded Knee High Boots from Target - $60

Classic Hardware Necklace - $68

Diva Ring - $7.95

Not the best pictures sorry but I had to do it rather fast as a nice warm house was calling me!


  1. Great outfit - winter can be a little bit depressing fashion wise when you have to put on a thick jacket before you leave the house every morning:(

  2. Hi, such a good oufit! I would like to feature you in my spreading the love-series, but couldn`t find your email? be great if you mail me at if you`re interested :)

    take care, xxx Anika

  3. foxy. nothing better than a lazy saturday!

    jessica kane

  4. Even better when just prior to this I was at TGIF's and had a tummy for of cocktails ;P