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Saturday, July 31, 2010

An Uplifting Affair

I recently got my hands on a DimitySO bra and underwear set and I'd love to share my thoughts with you guys. So excuse the random shots of me in my under garments.

Firstly I've been a big fan of their designs since I first found out they existed, such yummy fabrics, shapes and colours. They range from a size 8-16 / 30-38 D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, to J.

But being as all their images have a rather thin and not so busty model in them I really wanted to know how they fit on a plus girls body shape.

So here we go!

I got the DimitySO Ever Night Balconette Bra($84.95AU) and the fabric and detail are stunning. The matching boy leg knickers are too cute as well and really look fantastic on your bottom. I've got a XL but i have little spillage over the top.

I'm usually a 16 DD or E depending on different brands, for this style I'm wearing a 16DD I think I could go one cup up for this brand. I fit into it with ease but i feel like I need more fabric.

I thought this prior to getting this bra in the mail so I went to my local Bendon Outlet (Bridge Road, Melbourne) and tried on a few size (though this style was not there). I am a perfect fit for the 16E in most of the styles and have a long wish list now.

The straps did confuse me at first so I had to look up the actual bra online to see how they worked, the little metal triangle was poking into my skin but then i pushed the thin straps over it and it sat perfectly like this :

This is not a bra for every day more for special occasions or to wear with a slinky dress or top. It is stunning up close with very fine gold stich pattern.

So in the end I am happy with the bra and will buy more in the range. I do suggest you try them on to see exactly what size you are and possibly go up a cup size if need be. They are beautiful bra's and really comfortable to wear. I wore this one all day without any issues.

To find out where to buy DimitySO products please click on the link for a stockists list : Stockists

Also be sure to check out the stunning Drea Morsby's blog as she is one fantastic girl who is also a spokes model for the company.


  1. That triangle bit with the tiny straps would worry me - is it stable?

  2. It is stable but its more for show rather than wearing every day. Its a boyfriend approved kind of item ;)

  3. I had an issue with the little triangle on the straps as well. But then I figured out how I sat and it was all good.

    I love how the scallops look on the knickers on the bum. But I am not game to post an example photo on the net. Teehee :D

  4. Same!! No one need to see that area of me right now :P

    The knickers get two thumbs up though for framing on the tooshie!

  5. what a beautiful bra! maybe something to dress up in for the very special one in your life. (*^_^*)

  6. if only they went to an 18 :( deeeeepressing.