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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jeepers Creepers - Shade those Peepers!

Last month I was looking for the perfect pair of shades, nothing to expensive yet huge and stylish. I have a tendency to sit, break or loose nice sunglasses so i was not looking for anything over $100.

Then purely by luck I won a competition on the Fashion Journal's and got to pic a brand new pair of glasses from Jeepers Peepers.

Firstly one of my favorite songs in the world is Jeepers Creepers (click the link for the Puppini Sisters version) so i think this brand and I were a match from the beginning.

I chose the Anna style in black and they are oversized, have large molded black frames, a funky cut out design on the arms and 100% UV protection priced at $39.95.

So how do they look?

My outfit for today :

Cardigan - Barkins
Dress - Kmart
Belt - Jeans West (private sale)
Thigh High Boots - Target


  1. Totally in love with the glasses! They look great on you! I too have the habit of 'misplacing' or breaking my sunglasses!

    Not to mention, those thigh high boots are AMAZING!

  2. Love the outfit. I recently found out that if you break your sunglasses (like the screw comes out, not completely broken) you can take them to the optometrist and they fix them for free :)

  3. I pop the lenses out or sit on them :P always beyond repair. I'm the human bumper car and crusher of sunglasses lol

  4. the whole outfit is superglam! i love it! :)

  5. You look AMAZING! love the shades and the dress is super cute :)

  6. I love this outfit! The boots are beyond amazing.