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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I feel so behind with my images, I would love to post multiple times per week but my camera really lets me down. Being a model I really look closely at images, I like sharp clean shots and my digi is horrible!

If i had a Digital SLR and a tripod I'd be one happy girl! So I'll start saving and maybe I will have some luck.

Though I will try to post as many 'outfit' images as possible even with the blurry, crappy camera I have.

I will be moving house for the next two days, then I will go nuts and take some shots of my new shoes (can't wait to show you guys) and some funky new threads.

I've also flown through the 50 followers mark so thank you guys so much. I will have to do giveaways and competitions in the future!


  1. A tripod is the best thing you can get. Make everything so much easier!!

  2. It's my camera kitten its so horrid