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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Landell Loves and a Sock Garter Infatuation

A week ago I did a shoot with Adrian Carmody for a numerous things but I wanted to show off the two items styled but the amazing Landell (her blog can be found here : Landell Blog)

Designer Lisa Defazio is amazing! Her garments are a dream to wear and I have admired her work from afar and up close and person for a while now.

The dress (Black Party dress with pockets and fitted waist $89AU) is a light weight perfect fit (the belt is actually a scarf added for something extra) lush fabric and a perfect cut I loved wearing this.

My favorite skirt in the entire world (Tie Front Skirt $98AU) - ! It comes in other colours (contact designer for more information)and can worn either like this or turned to the back for a really yummy shape. The details is perfect and even my 44 inch hips fit perfectly into it!

Then I brought out my out my new obsession Sock Garters! These garters are from Swan Clothing now I have to invest on 100's of socks so i can wear them more often.

You can pick up these garters and many other designs on their Etsy shot linked above.


  1. I <3 sock garters! I don't own any, but I always think they look cute. Garters of any kind = win in my opinion!

    I love this shoot, I love just the over all feel of it. Not to mention, you look amazing!

  2. bloody hell, you look so sexy! :D Love everything about this shoot :D.

    Can I do a feature with you on my blog?

    xx Anika

  3. Hell Yes Anika!

    I try not to look sultry but it always seems to happen :P

    Natalie how amazing are the garters i'm rather in lust with them at the moment!

  4. Hi Teer! The photos are lovely! Thanks so much. You look great :) and the sock garters look perfect on you and with your outfit.

  5. I seriously always thought sock garters were a bit eh until now. You make them look so sexy now I fucking need them!! NEEED!!!

  6. Get them Shauna!!! I want so many more pairs, I'm trying to find out more way to wear them in this weather.

    SDR - you are so welcome sugar!! They are so brilliant!

  7. You guys are amazing Teer - you rocked this shoot bigtime!

  8. You sure know how to wear a sock garter! So gorgeous!

  9. Thanx to Anika, I found your blog.