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Monday, June 28, 2010

Classic Hardware = ♥

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting a set of images for Classic Hardware, joining me were photographer Kirra Jayde and makeup artist Zoe Karlis.

I have to thank everyone involved as I am so over the moon with the results! These are just half of the images taken and I will upload more as they come on my portfolio page.

Classic Hardware have designs that will make you drool, scream, fall in love and sell your first born for.

I picked 5 items to model and these are my absolute favorites on the site then I patiently waited for the goodies to arrive. They came in a little over a week, which is great shipping from the US to Australia and the packaging was in a perfect well padded and packed box.

Inside each item has its own small bag, information on what the jewelery is made out of and then all items were placed nicely in an extra padded bag.

I yelped when I saw these for the first time and when i carefully unwrapped each item I was amazed to feel how heavy, strong and sturdy these pieces are. The prices are really responsible for the items as they will last you for a very long time.

They are solid, strong and when you wear each item it has a big presence. I love my statement pieces when it comes to jewelery so this was a match made in heaven.

Heartbreaker Necklace

Love Letter & Bow Bracelet

Heart & Key Bracelet

Skull Necklace

I also wore the Classic Silhouette Mermaid Necklace (image to come) but take a small peak at it here :

If you can't find any of these items look for online stockist of the product or email them asking for more information. But they have so much stock online so you will find many things to purchase! So go forth and burn a hole in your wallet!


  1. Oh, I just have a look at their site & I'm in love!

    You look beautiful as always! I also really love the red gloves!!

  2. Its out in the open now that I'm glove obsessed so I had to show them off! A lovely photographer named Rachel Mia sent them to me a gift - so cute!

  3. Hot stuff! I adore gloves too, they bring that oooomf to an outfit, or for when we only accessorize with Chanel No.f :D

    xx Anika