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Monday, June 14, 2010

Rainy Melbourne Days

Taken shortly after my shoot this week with the lovely Adrian Carmody I will share the images when I get them back shortly.

I wanted him to snap an image of me dressed in my usual styling so i could finally upload a shot on here!!

My style does change daily but as Its cold (and rainy as you can see) but my staple at the moment is my faux leather jacket.

Faux Leather Studded Jacket : Jay Jays (in store)
Skull print Scarf : Cotton On (in store)
Martini' Batwing Dress : Jeans West
Black Belt - Jeans West (in store)
Black Leather Half Gloves - Sportsgirl
Black Booties - Cutesygirl
( I've modified them and placed press studs around the base of the heel)
Red Heart Lollipop from Polly I stole a few :P


  1. You look amazing! I really love the look of your bag too!

  2. Thank you Natalie! I got it as some cheap store I don't even know the name of!

  3. I heart scarves. I heart you. :)


  4. Lollypop, lollipop!

    Amazing! I love your style

  5. Hi, great blog! love your style, and am putting you on my blogroll asap :D
    I`ve linked to the shoes on my latest post :)

    xxx Anika