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Monday, June 7, 2010

Glove Fetish

Hello my name is Teer Wayde and I have a glove addiction. I call it more of a love affair but its getting to the point where I might have to enter Glove Rehab!


  1. I have a scarf addition ;)
    love that kelly gloves

  2. Mmm those first two are bliss!

  3. Too many gloves not enough hands *sigh*

  4. Lovely indeed... I'd recommend opshopping if you want to find cheap ones! Easy to customise and interesting colours...
    you can sort of see them here...

    I noticed your article in The Age the other day but it's still sitting on my kitchen table waiting for me to read it... :(

  5. I find cheap ones if i look hard at sportsgirl and other shops. Though I'm willing to pay the price on most of these ones.

    Turns out I was on the front page of half of the prints of the age, grrrr my copy had only on Teer :P