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Wednesday, January 10, 2024

A New Year with Ewa Michalak

As our weight goes up or down it's vital to update your lingerie collection to suit your current bust size and make sure your boobies are treated with the utmost care, support, and love. Sadly I've grown out of my most beloved sets from Ewa Michalak and needed an update. Luckily for me and my chest, their process is so detailed and specific that you will get the perfect fit and the best possible bra for your shape.  Just to help guide I currently wear 38H styles across most brands and 18GG or 18H in Australian-based stores. Hopefully, this can give you an insight into the numbers I'll be mentioning throughout this post. 

Briefs Turbo Diesel

The delicate and intricate design work that goes in a Ewa Michalak bra is like no other I've worn before. They are made to be a perfect fit with complimenting fabric combos, soft and silky cups and the most divine lace detailing. The BML was the first style I'm wearing for this shoot and I'm wearing the bra in a 105G and the bottoms in a 20UK. Now 

So first of how do you get that EXACT fit? 

The staff at Ewa Michalak are amazing with detailed customer support. From my first email, I was asked to measure myself in the following way and check the guide. This ensures that all of my measurements take into both my structure, shape, and breast tissue. 

The most important facts to remember when measuring yourself are :

    1. Most importantly, measure yourself without a bra on.
    3. Lean forward while measuring, your back should be parallel to the floor.
    5. Remember that the tape measure must be placed evenly on the body – the same level on the bust and on your back. Having the measuring tape go higher or lower on the back is a common mistake and it can distort the final result by a few centimeters.
    6. Measure at the widest point of your bust, but omit any warts or growths (they can add even 2-3 extra centimetres to the measurement, which means you may end up with a cup one size bigger)

From here I consulted with a very knowledgeable bra expert who suggested that my new fit would be 100G. No Ewa's sizes are 100% unique to them, so you won't find a perfect comparison via any international chart. Just be sure to check out their online calculator for help! 

Let's talk about the fit of this piece. This is an unpadded balconette-style bra with full coverage. This cups the breast tissue perfectly and really feels secure, giving that round shape we all want. The lace is super stretchy and has lots of give so it can stretch if you need it to every few weeks. The full coverage is great for wearing under high necklines and works better than any T-shirt bra due to the soft lace. I found that I could go down to the 100G in this style as I'm wearing it on the tightest hook and it's super stretchy.

Adorned with silver accents and a pearl pendant mid-bust this piece is stunning and almost whimsical in its design. This set inspired the full look, location and styling for all of these images. I instantly felt like a woodland nymph when I received this. 

The nude base under the regal blue lace makes this stunning design pop. Inspired by this shade of blue I wanted to pair this with a darker navy satin longer line underbust corset. I'm wearing my Orchard Corset in a 34-inch and the fit is great! I can get all 3 of my new corsets almost closed so I'm somewhere in between a 32 to a 34. Yes, I've gained weight over the years so it's a lot of testing new sizes and seeing what fits best. I love the dark moody vibe this navy underbust adds to the look and how it pairs with each and every colour.  

Brief wise I'm glad I waited until I wore each piece before giving my full review. I found that these in a 20/48 are too roomy by the end of the day. For the high-waisted styles, I'll be much comfier in an 18/46 from now on. 

You've not lived life fully until you own a black lace piece from Ewa! Something a little dark, sexy and good enough to show off outside of your outfit.  The PLM is a new style for me and I'm smitten! An unpadded plunge bra with the option of criss-cross bra straps so this piece can be worn with multiple necklines. I really love a crisis cross style as they offer that extra little bit of support and take the weight off your back and shoulders.

I'm wearing this in the 100G and as you can see it's an amazing fit. I love how all-encompassing each Ewa bra is and they really know how to fit a large cup fully and comfortably. This bra is designed for plunge necklines and can be worn with deep v-neckline dresses and tops. 

The stunning lace detailing on the edge of this bra really pops and I'll not be hiding it whenever possible. I recently wore this with a little black romper and I made sure the scalloped edges showed. This detail is very art Deco-inspired and STUNNING!

The briefs as mentioned the size 20 was great at the start but stretched instantly. However, they are super comfy no matter what and made for curves. That's what I love and adore about this brand. They really know how to compliment your body with their stunning designs.

I paired the bold black and nude set with something a little different - a mesh underbust. I've not been brave enough to wear a full mesh style with nothing beneath but this amazing lace called for an equally awesome corset. Mesh corsets are amazing. They are weightless, breathable and really comfy. They move with you a lot more than most corsets. If you are looking at and loving the mesh styles please order down one size from normal as they have so much more give. 

Now for another amazing PLM set!!! Now you can't limit yourself just to colour there is a huge need for a classic white bra in my collection and I'm sure yours. We are instantly drawn to bold colours and prints but there is something so fresh and beautiful about white lace.

The Antonia fits exactly like the Bella shown previously. A plunging style with lots of stretch and crisis cross straps. Intricate white stretch lace with nude fabric beneath adding the illusion of sheerness. Now I find some black fabrics fit smaller but for these styles, both fit exactly the same in the 100G

The fit is delicious and the colour is so lovely on my pale skin. I really wanted this to pop and kinda of clash as well so I've kept with the black robe and corset and I love the look.

The high-waisted bottoms are the perfect mix of sheer nude panels and white lace detailing. I've got both the High Briefs (in a 20)  and the Brazillian Brief (a cheeky style) in an 18. The 18 is the perfect fit it seems and I'm glad I got to try both to find that perfect fit. 

I really adore this fit and can't wait to add more to my collection over time. More colours, lace styles and of course, many more stunning briefs! 

Now this would not be a full review for my favourite brand without sharing as many fits as possible so I've also featured the SF style. The SF Oberżyna is a semi-soft cup-style bra that gathers the breast in a way that they don't stock outside the contour of the body. Creating the perfect shape and softness with ultimate comfort in mind.

This bra is PERFECTION! A bold and almost regal purple shade of the most fabric I've ever worn. The SF style really does have room for all of your breast tissue and knows how to hold you in perfectly, it's almost magic. Please note this does fit flush in between my breasts but the movement and constant posing does move the shape every now and then.

I honestly adore this piece but I can't choose one of all 4 to be my favourite! I'm greedy and love all of them equally! I can't wait to live in each of these bras and treat them with love and respect! They will be a part of my life for a long time and I'm smitten! 

For the matching bottoms, I'm wearing the Brazillian Brief which is a high cut cheeky back style. These are a 20 but I'd rather the 18 in this style as mentioned in the previous look as the fit of the white Brazillian style is perfect. But these bottoms in 20's won't go to waste in any way, I'll just be extra comfy! 

The deep purple shade also pairs perfectly with the navy blue corset and the stunning Catherine D'lish robe I was given for Xmas.  I want to gush for hours about this robe but the focus of this review is all about the lingerie. All I can say is if you've been on the fence regarding ordering a D'lish robe don't be! Order one now and take full advantage of the sale pieces. This robe is so soft, lush and the detailing is amazing. I will be ordering so many more in my lifetime! 

If you need any more help with sizes for yourself, any of the garments or anything else regarding Ewa Michalak pieces please reach out or comment and I'll get back to you ASAP. 

Now the only thing I have to ask is can I wear this full outfit and swan about Melbourne feeling like a superstar?

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