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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

My Obsession - Flirtelle

If you are a fan of my blog and of Brastop you will know that I'm 100% addicted to Flirtelle lingerie. The fit is always perfect, the styles are always super comfy and they are my go-to daily pieces. From bright pops of colour to basics, Flirtelle creates those affordable larger cup sets that you need. For this feature, I snapped up some of the new colourways in my classic fits and a super cute print!

Now right off the bat, I can tell you that I'm wearing a 38H in all styles and a 2XL/18 on the bottom. I never have any fit issues with this brand and find that with each and every delivery they are a perfect fit.

Who does not love a dark and rich shade of red when it comes to lingerie. Now after testing many styles from the Flirelle range, I think the swirl is my stand-out favourite. It's the perfect mix of stunning lace and coverage.

The cup is comfy while creating great shape and the fit is absolutely amazing! The dark shade means I can pair this with just about anything in my collection and wear it beneath black sheer tops or shirts for a tiny hint of colour. 

With the dark/moody shade and vibe in mind, I've paired with with a much darker and alternative robe from my collection. I love how the richness pops with the purple and black print. 

This is already on high rotation and I can't wait to pop a little lace on the necklines of a few summer floral dresses. It's fast becoming a very 'me' style for summer, a little pop of lace matching the floral print. 

When I first ordered this set I was silly and did not even notice that it was a stunning blue leopard print! What's better thank my beloved swirl fit? Swirls mixed with leopard of course!

This set is hot! Such a bold colour and print, like nothing else I own. The dark blue really pops on my pale skin and I love how unique this looks. 

If you are looking to add a really bold and funky print to your lingerie collection then this is the piece for you!

Now for something a little softer. I've reviewed the Riley in classic black before and it has been a go-to for pretty much each and every bra need. So when the Rouge colourway was released I had to have it. Not really a true red shade but more of a dusty pink. 

Super soft and stunning in colour and fabric. The fit is a little roomier for me in this piece but I still love the comfort factor. 

The design elements of the Riley are stunning and can be seen so much better in this colour opposed to the black.

Red and black with sheer sections, scalloped edges and more? Holy hell Alice you are a perfect piece!

The Alice set takes the perfection of the swirl and adds a little more sheerness, bigger embroidery and a stunning black and red combo. I'll be giving this amazing set the crown of the most divine Flirtelle lingerie design to date. 

As you can see and read I have a full-blown obsession with each and every set from this range and love being able to switch things up every few days. If you've not added Flirtelle to your collection yet what are you waiting for?

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