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Thursday, October 26, 2023

Spooky Season with Dangerfield!

This year Dangerfield has kicked major spooky butt and released a huge range of adorable, bright, and horror-themed goodies for all your Halloween needs. So if you still searching for that perfect piece to wear over the next week for all your underwold celebrations then be sure to pop in store and snap up a Halloween piece or 5! 

This season I was actually sent a little gift package! Basically, Halloween is my version of Christmas so it was a brilliant surprise and I had to share the pieces with you ASAP! 

Pins - Personal collection 

I will forever be the first to add any form of Venus Fly trap print to my collection. I've been obsessed with these plans for decades and I can't get enough of the bold, almost neon print.

A full midi style dress with a much higher collar than I'd usually wear the Venus sis very different for me. I'm wearing the 20 and the fit is really good as the fabric has absolutely no stretch or give. But I feel like the length might swallow me a little too much. So I'll be getting these tailored after Halloween and shortened. 

I love the neckline though and the waist fit! As you can see the fit is even a little roomy for me so with a few fixes I'll be able to create this into my untilate style. I've paired these bright pieces of brilliance with my Dangerfield Moto in a size 18 and I love the combo. 

For accessories, I've gone for a double chain padlock from the DF accessory collection and one of my favourite Killstar belts. I've really fallen in love with this print and I think the jacket will be next on my lust list.

Now for the cutest of all Halloween prints! Perfectly named, the Spooky Season Blouse is covered with absolutely everything I love from this season. From pumpkins to ghosts, candy cane to spiderwebs, bats and black cats.

All perfectly placed on this shorter style button-up short sleeve shirt. At first, I was not sure if this style shirt would suit me but as soon as I had it on I was in love. 

This piece is effortless and light, a joy to wear and I'm in love. I'm in the size 20 and I don't even need to unbutton the shirt. I can simply pop this over my head and I'm ready to rock.  That might mean I need a smaller size but I actually love the room and airy feel to the 20.

I've paired this with a mini skirt that hits me just at my natural waist and I love how this looks as a full outfit. This print is available in multiple items such as dresses and men's longer shirts, some overhauls, and even matching accessories. So if you love this as much as I do you'll need one of everything.

I only styled this piece with one simple accessory and it might be the cutest one of all. The Bat Wing hair clips have been on my lust list for a while now but I've never really given in until they arrived in my gift box. Now I'm in love with this simple but adorable little hair accessory! They really pop and look super sweet. 

So if you need a last-minute Halloween look be sure to drop into your local Dangerfield and snap up some spooky goodies! 

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