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Sunday, August 13, 2023


Never did I ever think I'd find myself in a perfectly fitting, curve-embasing faux leather two-piece look but here I am and fully loving it! 

Last week I visited my favourite Dangerfield store in Fitzroy and picked up this amazing faux leather set. Picking anything off the rack in an 18 or 20 can be frustrating but I swear I have the most perfect fits whenever I snap up a new Dangerfield piece.

It's been many moons since my last DF moto but there was something totally 'ME' about the Ornate jacket. With a stunning pressed image of a lock and key and text of GO AWAY featured on the back of the moto this piece is very much a must-have. 

Why so? Well, I have a lock very much like this tattooed on my right forearm and I do love a cheeky and rude garment. Usually, I pop a back patch on my motos as well but this is perfectly created from the start. 

I'm wearing the jacket in the 18AU and the fit is really comfy and soft. I found the arms a little big but the waist and bust work perfectly with my shape. My moto for DF fits - anything limited stretch I go up a size to fit my bust and for most forgiving fabrics I wear an 18. This piece will be with me for decades! 

Then I had to add the Guarded Mini skirt. This mini has an almost faux garter creature over the front complete with o rings. That pop of metal really gives this mini so much more oomph. I also love the size zip as it makes this so much more comfy than all of my other faux leather skirts. 

I've opted for the skirt in a 20 and as you can see it's in no way skin-tight. But for a mini in this fabric, I wanted lots of wiggle room and the ability to tuck tops and knits beneath the waistline. 

I can't get enough of both of these pieces paired and I also can't wait to style them all year round. From band tees to chunky knits and so much more. The possibilities are endless! 

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