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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Nine Circles

 The latest devilish arrival from Blackmilk has arrived! Nine Circles instantly called to my dark little heart and I instantly fell for 3 amazing pieces.

This Winter Blackmilk sweaters and knits have been my obsession. The bold prints, great fits, and softest of fabrics keep me looking awesome and feeling so comfy throughout the most chilly of seasons. 

The Hungry Wolves knit is stunning. The bold black print on white really pops and I've never seen a piece this cool before. I'm wearing the XL/XXL size and it's roomy, comfy, and has been on high rotation this week. 

Blackmilk continues to inspire and impress me with knitwear and I know I'll be snapping up each piece they release. Imagine a half-and-half print like this in red or purple - gimme! 

I'm a sucket for a swooping sheer sleeve and the Night Swooper has won my heart! The perfect mixture of sheer, velvet, and PVC, this piece is stunning!

The dress bodice and skirt are black velvet while the sleeves are sheer. Then you have a little PVC collar attachment at the neck. This combines to create a stunning neckline. I have a few pieces like this that tie at the neck but I find the strings get lost in my cleavage or are too long. This collar attachment means the effect is even cuter.

This piece moves so perfectly and I love how wide the sheer sleeves are. Perfect for all-year-round wear or can be part of a perfect Halloween costume. Lengthwise this is short (I'm in the XL) but this is easily fixed with a little black lace underskirt

I love how the sheerness and length show off all of my favourite tattoos as well yet still keep me covered. I'm wearing a  black bra beneath as well but I don't mind that the straps can be seen. 

Lastly a super funky new belt style! Super long, full of bold silver eyelets and chains! This belt pairs perfectly with all of my Blackmilk Dresses and I love how versatile it is.

I can't get enough of each of these pieces. Which one is on your lust list?

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