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Sunday, July 9, 2023

Cute 'n' Comfy

It's time to share my most loved Brastop pieces for every day wear! If you've not figured out already I have a huge collection of lingerie but the brands I keep coming back to again and again are Curvy Kate and Flirtelle.

After years of wearing these specific brands, living in them and reviewing each new style it's clear that these are my stand out must haves for anyone over a G cup. I'm wearing each set in this post in 38HH and the bottoms are 18 or XL. 

From the monment I saw this bright pop of sunshine yellow I was inspired! I'm so glad the days of beige, white or black bras only for large cups styles are far behind me and I can wear adorable pieces like the Viola in Pale Yellow. 

I can't get enough of this fit and the support. These are my go to every day bras and they make me feel supported, cute and super comfry. Plus the lace detailing adds a little more cuteness to the etire look.

I'm super pale to begin with so I fine I love these pastel shades and yellow might just be my new obsession.

Now for something a little more electric! The stand out schooped from Curvy Kate is a super plunge style that is perfect for pairing with low cut dresses and tops. The fit is phenomenal in the 38HH and the detailing, sheerness and all around design is a new fave for me from the CK range.

I've tried a few plunge styles from Curvy Kate but this is by far my favourite purly for the stunning bright blue shade and the comfort factor. 

I've had my eye on the Riley style for a while now as I've have some classic black Flirtelle bras but the half sheer cup really appealed to me.

Those bold lines, the scalloped edges and thet fit are perfection!  I've been putting this piece on high rotation as it's a dream to wear and I mainly wear all black in winter. 

What's your favourite style from this selection. Have you tried either brand yet? Le me know your throughts.

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