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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Just a little hex

The cooler months call for lush fabrics, funky knits, faux leather, and of course some of the best a magic in print form. 

For years my go-to piece has always been the Show Us Ya Tops underbust dress as it's versatile, flattering, and really suits my shape. So whenever I see a new colourway or print in the underbust shape I instantly have to add it to my collection.

The HEX version of the underbust dress is perfection. Thick straps, a fitted underbust to create that amazing hourglass shape and the most divine magical print.

Featuring lots of iconic imagery such as pentagrams, death moths, fortune teller hands, and much, much, more.  These bold black symbols are placed perfectly on the soft grey background giving this an almost baroque print feel.

Styling wise I wanted to show just how easy it is to slip absolutely anything on beneath the Underbust dresses to create an amazing look. For this set, I've paired this with the beautiful velvet Bishop Dress as the billowing sleeves and fabric are the perfect match. I'm wearing both of these in the XL and the fit as per usual is spot on. The HEX skirt has a little more of a solid fit at the waist but I find most of the printed versions of this underbust style are firmer.

Now let's get cozy! After wearing my Hellfire Sweater constantly I thought it was about time to add another Blackmilk sweater to the collection. 

I've had my eye on this very EMO/Early gothic style for months now and after the successful fit of the Hellfire I knew I needed this in my world. This piece is so comfy, soft, and a joy to wear. I just pop this on with any skirt, shorts, leggings, or jeans and it's instantly cute. 

I'm wearing this in the XL/XXL size and it's roomy, long enough to wear with just about any base or bottom I have, and really looks amazing. This is not a super chunky fit however so you can layer this beneath any of your winter coats or moto jackets. I wear mine with our without another layer depending on the weather but I do adore this with a classic ripped skinny jean.

I've paired this sweater with the super sexy Lace and Laced high-waisted faux leather mini skirt. This piece is HOT!! Featuring lace panels, corset-style lacing, and a very fitted shape. I'm wearing this in the 18 and it just fits but I will be much more comfy if I size up to the 20. I find that for the more structured pieces, I'll always try for the largest size as I have huge hips. 

Lastly, the cutest of little velvet Mod dresses is here! She's soft, stretchy, and even has pockets. I must admit I never really liked a Square shaped neckline until I started wearing BlackMilk Clothing and now I rush to snap up such pieces. 

This little black dress is divine and will be worn day and night. The stunning neckline suits my ample chest and the bishop sleeves are an absolute favorite feature. Why can't every dress have these sleeves?

The dress has a waist seem, a lined bodice, and all those features to add extra comfort while flattering your curves. I'm in the XL as I mentioned and it's a really roomy and soft fit. I've paired this look with a bold corset buckle belt but I can't wait to wear this with lots of my other belts and chains. 

This dress hits mid-thigh and covers the toosh perfectly. I will be wearing this all winter long paired with printed or solid tights, knee and thigh-high boots, and lots of amazing accessories. This is already calling for a beret and matching gloves. 

 What's your favourite piece from this set? I can't wait to wear these all winter long and show off more styling across socials. 

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